Bring Black ops 3 to Plutonium

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  • Black ops 3 its unplayable with all those hackers in the original version 😞

  • And its not about getting the free game or custom features, its about the servers, they are dead and full of cheaters...

  • They are working on black ops 1. should just go back to the goat

  • @GAMEZA are you talking about multiplayer or zombies?

  • @WolflexZ Multiplayer

  • its unlikely this topic has been brought up alot the devs have said that the game hasent been abandoned and they are busy with bo1 as such they have saide they will need to wait 3-5 years to make bo3 or bo4 or one of those newer cods s1x was 1 exception they could just barley pull off on xlabs part as it came out in 2014 and it got abandoned earlier then usual i think bo3 came out in 2015 it is definitely possible in 1-2 years

  • we have not said we need to wait 3-5 years there is no reason for a bo3 client to exist.

    it has players most of which plays zombies. it has steam workshop support for mods and mod downloading and it allows players to run there own server. there is nothing for us to add to the game to improve it

  • Yeah, fr. I'd love to see custom maps and shit in Plutonium, glad they're adding black ops 1 though

  • @Taruzu The point is BO3 already has custom maps and works perfectly fine.
    If you want free games then you're at the wrong place

  • @Resxt Black ops 3 is notorious for its trickshotting community as well not just zombies.

  • @Resxt lol no the game is dead i have the game and all its dlcs

  • @Taruzu the game is not dead , unless the servers are offline and cant access the files . you bought the game start your own server

  • according to steam charts bo3 is just fine just because the mp is dead does not mean the game is dead usually just means no one wants to play mp, we are here for a trickshot community we are here to improve games like giving mod support and fast dl to modern warfare 3 and waw t4 zm dedicated servers along with mod downloading we strive to improve game play and the general modability of the games bo3 has mod downloading, the steam workshop and players can host their own servers even if there unranked people can still host there own mp servers.


  • @FragsAreUs BO3 Servers are integrated into private match, meaning all the servers on the list are people who wanna play a private game without randoms joining, completely defeating the purpose of public servers. To make things worse, the multiplayer section of the server list is completely empty, making you use matchmaking which only ever has 1 lobby at a time.

    I understand if y'all don't wanna touch BO3 because of the risk of Activision shutting down plutonium, but you'd be lying to yourselves if you think y'all can't fix BO3 or make it better.

  • @FragsAreUs That's the problem, nobody is willing to have a server running for multiplayer or zombies, just because the functionality is there doesn't mean people will use it- meanwhile BO3 would be flooded with servers if it was integrated into plutonium.

  • Everyone keeps going on about it, fuck BO3. If Bo3 is really that bad I think someone would have a client for BO3.

    Stop trying to get the game for free x

  • @Bossman what you don't understand is that Plutonium is not gonna work for months on a game on their free time just to fix a game.
    The devs do it as a passion, they like to bring games to the next level with modding, dedicated servers and all that.

    Fixing a game that a billion dollar company abandoned just to get sued after is not fun

  • @Bossman you should understand that they’re doing these types of projects for free. You should just be happy with what you got for now. You could donate them to contribute to the project. You’ll just have to wait and see till they decide what they’ll do. They ain’t trying to get cease and demand letter on them or else they’ll have to take everything down and you’ll get nothing in return.

  • @WolflexZ I really hate how just because I question some decisions it automatically means I don't appreciate them making all these games 100x better, but I'm sorry if my replies came off like that. As for donating, I'm planning on donating once I graduate and stuff.

  • @Resxt With all due respect, It seems like plutonium could get taken down by Activision at anytime regardless If you work on BO3 or not- y'all allow people to play their games for free and even show people how to torrent them. Which now that I think about it, BO3 probably would kill Plutonium, but mainly because people would instantly start pirating the game and not because you're adding servers.

    I'm gonna drop this, I know this subject is annoying for y'all and I don't wanna come off as an asshole or unappreciative, I really love this project and I just thought BO3 would be a cool update for it, but I understand why y'all can't. Looking forward to BO1 though!

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