Plutonium Launcher closes and does nothing when I click Play

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  • Last time I played which was weeks ago it was perfectly working, and then it stopped working suddenly and never opened because Kaspersky was terminating the process and disabled it from opening. This was weird and strange because I’ve had Kaspersky for quite a while before I installed and played bo2 so it doesn’t make sense that out of nowhere it will decide your not playing anymore. So I deleted plutonium and then reinstalled it today. I was hoping I could play it but I guess not, same thing happened. But this time I actually made exclusions in Kaspersky, that did indeed stop Kaspersky from terminating it, at least I think because it stopped the notifications of it. But the game still won’t open. I can open the launcher perfectly fine, I go to bo2 and I click play. I wait a few seconds later and, nothing, absolutely nothing. It just closes, and nothing happens after. Everyone has said try making an exclusion with windows defender and antivirus but I think since I have Kaspersky it doesn’t show that for windows defender. I’m just really confused and stuck I don’t know how to fix it. If nothing works I’ll just reinstall. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it, thanks

  • Check this topic You might have to disable Kaspersky when playing on Plutonium otherwise its just gonna keep blocking/moving the bootstrapper to quarantine.

  • a mi también me paso, lo que tienes que hacer es eliminar el juego y reinstalarlo, al hacer eso ninguna información o configuración se borraran.

  • @HannesC Ive disabled kaspersky and it did nothing unfortunatley. in the post you linked to it they were talking about restoring the bootstrapper and it being quarantine, what does that mean?

  • It means exactly what it says, google how to find kaspersky's quarantine section. Kaspersky puts suspicious files inside that quarantine and the files stay there until the user decides what to do with it - purge it or restore it. Restoring it will restore the file and adds some exclusions to it. However since manual exclusions aren't really working, I doubt that'd work too, but you're free to try.

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