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  • [OldSchool GSC script for IW5]

    Game mode script for Plutonium, that aims to re-create the Old School mode of cod4

    Key Features

    • Players cannot choose preset or custom classes. Everyone starts with a Skorpion as a primary weapon and an usp as a secondary weapon.

    • Script spawns random items in different zones, once a player picks up a weapon or perk, the fx location turns red, after a time of 25 seconds, then regenerates the same weapon, or perk.

    • The way to pick up an item is by using the f key, if you don't have the weapon it will be replaced by the one you have in your hand, otherwise it will just fill your ammo, likewise only if you don't have the weapon or perk will you be able to use the item.

    • The only available perks are FastReload, QuickDraw, Stalker, BulletAccuracy, Quieter.
      Players can jump twice the normal height and falling damage is negated, jump slow has disable.

    • The script only works for stock maps, i have to add more zones and more maps, by default the "drop zone" mode zones are used, I will update this in the future.


    How To Use

    • Place the script file at "%localappdata%/plutonium/storage/iw5/scripts" if the folder does not exist, create it

    • To configure the script you can set the following dvars in your server config or in the game console

    • Enable game mode, this option is because I plan to create more modes and then incorporate this into a voting or rotation

      lb_cutomMode "OldSchool"

    • Set item time respawn


    • Enable or disable spawn perks items


    • Enable or disable spawn equipment items "lethal & tactical"


    • Enable or disable random camos after get the weapon


    • Indicate to the script which is the default value so that when it is not executed it changes it to this one.


    In case of any error I will be attentive to this post.
    "I am aware that there is a fucking bug with the tactical insertion and the nade stock"

    I also don't own a server, I'm stuck in a crappy NAT and can't test as well as I'd like.

    For more information about the script and its download: OldSchool

    If you want to see some of my other work:

  • Awesome release man!
    I loved playing 1v1 in this mode split screen with my father back in the days ๐Ÿ˜„

    FYI you don't need to open a port to host a dedicated server if you just make it local.
    Opening a port opens a service to the outside. Localhost is always available for services even if you don't open them to the outside

  • @Resxt I said it to test with more players, an environment with more lack of control, and for some reason in plutonium it doesn't even let me in local :c

  • @LastDemon99 Ah yes my bad
    I might be wrong but I think you need to setup a key for the server and use it in your bat then connect with or localhost or your PC local IPv4, that's what works for me at least

  • With something like this and a custom map you could create a battle royal in mw3. What do you think?

  • @the_bad_boy I don't know anything about modding and the player limit doesn't convince me either. sorry ๐Ÿ˜ข

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