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  • [SharpShooter GSC script for IW5]

    Key Features

    • Every 30 seconds a counter is reset and all players will receive a random weapon.

    • The random equipment can be enabled.


    How To Use

    • Place the script file at "%localappdata%/plutonium/storage/iw5/scripts" if the folder does not exist, create it

    • To configure the script you can set the following dvars in your server config or in the game console

    • Enable game mode, this option is because I plan to create more modes and then incorporate this into a voting or rotation

      lb_cutomMode "SharpShooter"

    • Set the switch time for the next weapon


    • Enable or disable random equipments "lethal & tactical"


    • 0 will set a single random weapon,1 will set a primary and a secondary weapon separately


    • Indicate to the script which is the default value so that when it is not executed it changes it to this one.


    For more information about the script and its download: SharpShooter

    If you want to see some of my other work:

  • Soo i may be dumb or something but for the life of me i dont get this gamemode to work.

    Where do i need to put "lb_cutomMode "SharpShooter"" ? do i need to put it in the script or in my server config ?

  • @LastDemon99

    He say:
    "To configure the script you can set the following dvars in your server config or in the game console"

  • @Sorex You can do them both ways, i recommend in your server config. sorry for not responding sooner

  • Try to use this mode because it looks interesting but the instructions are not clear to me. You should give an example of the server configuration and .dsr file if you are using one. Excuse my ignorance is that I would really like to play both this and your other mode

  • @LastDemon99
    Hello how do you make your eyes backwards? For me I can not see the stock of guns. Do you achieve it by changing the FOV? Could u please tell me how? Thanks!

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