How to unlock all or almost everything in bo2 (Titles, emblems, camouflages, emblem and clan in the weapon, prestige 15, and increase the lvl of the weapons to full)

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  • I have been searching the internet how to unlock everything in bo2 but nothing helped me or it was not the version I was looking for, in fact, my version is 43.1737.7, and I decided to do it myself and now I share my work with you, what The only thing they have to do is copy the files that I am going to share to the folder t6r / player / dw / and inside dw they will see a folder type CB0252A0, because they enter that folder, if they have more than one then they should copy the files for all folders unless you know which is loading your game, and then as I said before copy the files to within that folder. Those files already have the maximum lvl the maximum prestige which is 15 all the camouflages although the camouflages of the dlc 2 have to copy two different files to another folder in the plutonium forum there is a post that explains well the procedure eye only two files not the others that look like the ones that I am going to share, in addition to everything I said before, it has all the emblems and titles, besides that you can put the clan and the emblem on the weapon, it also has weapons at the highest level with 2 stars In addition, beware there are two titles that from time to time do not load and are blocked, put the padlock on us, I know why, but well there are only two, and lastly, I had managed to put 10 personalized classes but it is not possible because when entering the server, It blocks the game and you get an error and if you go back in it blocks it from not responding and you have to close it completely, hopefully one day they will fix this problem. Greetings to all and I hope I have helped you. Thank you

  • What if we dont have the folder at all? Do we make it in the dw folder?

  • Another one to the list. 😛

    What if we dont have the folder at all? Do we make it in the dw folder?

    If you don't have anything in t6r\player\dw, then start the game to generate the data.
    * I'm not sure if you have to set a name first and then access the main menu to make this happen.

  • all i see is this Capture.JPG image url)

  • That is because the tutorials are outdated. Please refer to this thread for an updated tutorial. Thread locked to prevent further hijacking.

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