[Support] how to lower Health percentage and weapons in my server.

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  • how do i make it so u dont get hit markers with snipers. and the only weapons u can kill someone with are snipers.

  • @Blessa You can edit health in the gamemode configs. As for damage you need to have a damage callback with iDamage being the damage output.

  • @Blessa You need to have a .gsc file going, here's what you need to put in it :

    Step 1:
    Put this in init() : level.onplayerdamage = ::onplayerdamage;

    Step 2:
    Put this anywhere in your file :

    onplayerdamage( einflictor, eattacker, idamage, idflags, smeansofdeath, sweapon, vpoint, vdir, shitloc, psoffsettime )
        if(!isSubStr(sweapon, "svu_") && !isSubStr(sweapon, "dsr50_") && !isSubStr(sweapon, "ballista_") && !isSubStr(sweapon, "xpr50_") && smeansofdeath != "MOD_MELEE" && smeansofdeath != "MOD_EXPLOSIVE" && smeansofdeath != "MOD_GRENADE")
            self.health = 100;

    Edit: added grenade damage

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