[WIP] Black Ops II Zombies Battle Royale

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    Yes, you heard that correctly.
    We are currently in early development, but a lot has been done!

    Thanks to MrTLexify:

    Here's The Plan:

    30 second pre-game area where a menu will pop up giving player options to: Change Character Model, Change where they want to start on the map, select a loadout that can be bought later at a buy station, more to come, etc.

    At the start of the round, players who were spectating will be given only 10 seconds to choose their spawn location otherwise it will be random.

    In Game Details
    Players joining late will have until a round specified in the config file to be able to spawn in (Defaulted at 5) After that specified round, anyone joining will only be able to spectate. That is also true for players in the game that die. They will not be able to respawn after round 5.
    Also starting on the round after the determined round (in this instance, Round 6), Players will be notified of a toxic gas surrounding them. Players will be pushed to parts of the map (not necessarily the same part of the map). How this works is still to be determined, so stay tuned!

    Starting Weapon: Ballistic Knife

    Health: Players will start with 100 health. Armor Will Give Players 50 additional health. That health will be lost when player gets hit (Armor doesn't regen, only health does).


    • Who's Who
    • Double Tap
    • Stamin-Up
    • Deadshot Daquiri
    • Speed Cola
    • PHD Flopper
    • Armor Upgrade (details below)
    • Discount Cola (details below)
    • More to Come

    Being discussed at this time. No final decision has been made.

    There will be challenges to be found around the map such as headshots, kills, etc.
    Rewards will only be cash at this time unless during testing I feel other rewards should be given.

    Note: 2 Chests At Random Per Game Will Be Legendary and Will Allow for better Rewards (Low Chance for respawned chests to be Legendary)

    Buy Station:
    1 Location at each major Tranzit location (Bus Depot, Tunnel, Diner, Farm, Nacht Der Untoten, Power Station, Cabin, Town)
    More details to come in the future.

    Custom Perk Details:

    Early Screenshots:

    Disclaimer: All Prices, Chances, Items are Subject to Change after thorough testing.

    Any suggestions can be left below, we are open to anything!


  • y o u n e e d h o s t y e s ? (/s)

  • @GerardS0406 Mr Tlexify tweeted about this!!!!!

  • @cjdj2425 Indeed he did ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Can't wait for this.

  • Battle Royale Reveal Trailer:
    Youtube Video

  • is this mode already available? I'm new to plutonium and I wanted to know how do I play

  • @noob287sabotado https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/2627/release-zombies-tranzit-battle-royale I have no idea if this is playable anymore since this was released in August of 2020, but there you go.

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