Recommendation for US-based VPS?

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  • I'm currently running with (WinServer2019) on their $19/month plan. When I run I get a 2ms ping, and 398 down/543 up. Plan is 3 core vCPU, 8 GB Ram and 85 GB space.

    Works great until we get to about 14 players and then everything starts lagging. Definitely not the experience I want for anyone. Additionally, now that I've gotten hosting setup and executions figured out, I want to add more game types as well as more games. I feel like I'm going to need to find a better provider to get it where I want it to be.

    I was playing on a ~ Maniacos (sp?) server (which I think @Kalitos runs) and its smooth as butter. Does anyone know who they host with? I really don't want to spend more that $20/month on a server (preferably less), but where I'm at isn't getting me what I want.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    As an addendum, I work best with Windows environments, but if forced to I can make things work in Linux)

  • Since your spending limit is $20 or less. You will not be able to host as many servers with that kind of price range since each server consumes 1-2gb of ram. Besides specs you really need a good DDoS Protection Service because of the trolls that play on plutonium hit off servers for fun or advertise their tool / botnet to others. Spending more just for good DDoS protection is worth it or your going to have a headache dealing with them all the time

  • @RedxSkull Fair enough - but w/ 8GB of RAM I should be able to host a single server of 18 players w/o lag. Let's start there. Further, I could spend more if I could see the value in it. Lastly, I haven't seen very many threads that provide more than a cursory reference to potential hosts, and getting a bit deeper on this topic might help increase the number of high-quality servers.

    I guess I'm just saying, don't let my $20 be a limiting factor, let's talk options and what one can expect from those options.

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