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  • Regional Moderator

    Feature: Add more advanced video and gameplay options.
    Description: There are some options that are accessable only through the config or console, so they aren't officially represented in the game menu but changable. There are some tweakers that inject themselves into the game process, but on PlutoIW5 it's not allowed, that's why I'm suggesting it.
    It would be nice to see:

    • "ai_corpsecount" (maximum amount of dead bodies)
    • "cg_forcedrawfps" (fps counter; probably better than cg_drawfps) together with "cg_fpsLocation" and "cg_fpsUpdateRate" (because noone knows about them)
    • "com_maxfps" (fps limit)
    • "r_distortion" (perfomance-expensive fire distortion effect)
    • "r_glow_allowed" (glow effect)
    • "r_lodscalerigid", "r_lodscalebias" (models level of detail quality)
    • "ragdoll_enable" (ragdoll physics)
    • and other less important performance-related dvars like "cg_blood" (blood effect when hit), "cg_brass" (weapons eject brass), etc.

    UI and HUD:

    • "cg_drawviewpos" (draws your position and viewangle, useful for modders)
    • "useRelativeTeamColors" (alternative scoreboard color scheme)
    • "cg_hud..." (customizing HUD)
    • "cg_youInKillCamSize" (icon size of you in killcam)
    • "cg_overhead..." (customizing overhead nickname, icons, rank)
    • "cg_scoreboard..." (customizing scoreboard)
    • "compass..." (customizing radar)
    • "waypointIconHeight" and "waypointIconWidth" (waypoint icon size)
    • "ui_smallFont", "ui_bigFont", "ui_extraBigFont", "objectiveFontSize" (font sizes)
    • "cg_cursorHints", "cg_drawBreathHint", "cg_drawMantleHint" (showing cursor/sniping breath/mantle hints)
    • "cg_weaponHintsCoD1Style" (alternative weapons picking up/bomb planting hint style)
    • and others.

    Also what is "image quality" and why not to call it rendering resolution with percentages as options instead of "extra"/"high"/etc.?
    Motivation: Why not to make it easier to let players to change the unlisted options, and customize the game.

  • Regional Moderator

    upd: much more info added

  • Project Moderator

    I already though about a similar feature request but were too lazy to type it out.

    These 2 should be added to improve the visuals of the game (set both to 16 for the biggest effect)

    • r_texFilterAnisoMax
    • r_texFilterAnisoMin

    The option for r_aaSamples should be extended to fit the maximum of the dvar.

    From the network dvars I would like to see:

    • cl_maxpackets
    • cl_packetdup
    • rate

    Other more or less important dvars are:

    • cg_chatHeight
    • cg_chatTime
    • cg_drawKillstreak
    • cg_hudGrenadeIconEnabledFlash
    • cg_lagometer
    • cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars *

    *would be cool if it the maximum could be increased to 10 and if the UI would be linked to the bar intervals as well.

  • Regional Moderator

    @xerxes Nice additions, it would very useful to edit network settings as well :)

  • More settings are of course useful for who can't play at maximium graphic on a older PC