Venezuela Server Owner is a Cheater

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  • The server owner @InsideG for the VNZLA servers is a cheater. He admitted to me that he bought cheats and I went as far as to contact the cheat developer to verify this purchase, for which he did, sending me screenshots of it. For obvious reasons (it shows personal information such as name, email, and IP addresses as well as card info), I can’t post the proof of this purchase here. But if needed I can provide it to Plutonium staff. This is in fact also a report besides being a warning. DO NOT PLAY ON VENEZUELA SERVERS. I had my admin privileges taken away from me because I threatened to expose @InsideG for who he is, a cheater. I hope Plutonium staff can fix their anticheat. There have been hundreds of cheaters that don’t get banned because, truth being told, the anticheat DOES NOT WORK.

  • @KrKd-AxiZ A Server owner can use mods that allow them to cheat on their own server with GSC and other methods. Which is cheap, and no owner should abuse, but it won't be detected because GSC is allowed to use and usually only the owner, or if the owner gave access to that from the server alone. GSC Modding is great to have, because it allows new features to be implemented like game modes, etc. Owners that abuse GSC to have an unfair advantage over others isn't ok at all, but he didn't bypass the anti-cheat and he owns the server. Those mods wouldn't work when playing on another server. Best to avoid servers like that.

  • @KrKd-AxiZ plutonium staff can’t/won’t do anything about this, server owners can do whatever they want on there server

  • @RedxSkull No, you failed to comprehend what I was explaining. I stated that he bought cheats, he’s not using a GSC mod menu. He’s using a cheat that can be used in the entire T6 MP. Not only on his server, but others as well.

  • @KrKd-AxiZ you should upload video of him using those cheats on other servers , that he dont own , then staff can act.

  • @KrKd-AxiZ I have run into him as well @InsideG was clearly cheating blatantly on Astro servers on Black ops 2 ruining the lobby to where everybody nearly left 😞 i have the video i recorded of him in actionYT video

  • with all due respect to the members of plutonium that is not the administrator of my server it is a hack that I copy the name to make believe that we are using hack on our server I do not like it

  • Hi everyone. @Bobby-Tarantino That is not me. He is a hacker who took my name and also i bans almost 10 hackers per day. It's normal that I have enemies. Also here I leave my list that is "hacker" with my name and has been banned several times from the venezuela server. !imagen_2022-08-11_230943571.png
    I would also like to add the video because our ex-admin "KrKD Axiz" got banned from the server. was caught cheating betraying our trust. I put the video here for you to see. It is normal that after this he wants some kind of revenge

  • But it is you InsideG. No other person exists with your name. I don’t know why you’re lying 😂 You went into the console and banned yourself and unbanned yourself so it could duplicate your name bro, don’t lie to these people. I used to be an admin remember? I also know how IW4MAdmin works. And the video you provided, I don’t know how that’s me “cheating”, I mean if you want to compare videos together, you can see who is actually cheating. You got mad to the point where you’re just shooting through walls entirely 😂 also don’t make me expose you by sending in the screenshots I got from the cheat developer for when you purchased his cheat.

  • @KrKd-AxiZ cheaters can impersonate people by taking there name somehow

  • @hindercanrun No they can’t, and this didn’t happen. Plutonium wouldn’t allow it anyway. I hope they can ban this cheating server owner. What InsideG did was have himself get banned and unbanned and banned again to duplicate the ban logs as shown here. I used to work with IW4MAdmin, so I know how this works. There are 2 other server owners and another one helped him out. Besides, he can try all he wants, I have the screenshots of him purchasing a cheat and screen recordings given to me by the actual cheat developer, when I went on an alt to verify that he purchased a cheat, just like he admitted to me.😂

  • I stopped playing in Venezuela and Maniacos servers because those admins or whoever is in charge constantly read off people’s iP addresses in game and abuse people with their privileges. They stressed my friends iP and took down his network and i’ve seen QUEST and InsideG cheat on other servers but they change their name somehow in game without detection. so if a Pluto admin can take a look at the logs and see what’s really going on that would help clear this up because it’s annoying how they can just harm people and ddos us like this

  • I’m not sure who to believe but i think i’ve seen the name inside G in a lobby getting a lot of suspicious kills and stuff so maybe something is going on but i can’t say for sure guys

  • @InsideG
    To prove your points i think you could just link every profile you banned and every guid they have. From the guid its possible to know the plutonium account connected to that.

    Knowing the Plutonium account its possible to prove your points of user using your name by changing the first letter of your name with lower i and then make rotate that name to different accounts.
    Plutonium probably have a log of username changes.

    At least with evidence it will be possible to close this discussion.

    Thats just an idea and a way to put some evidence into the discussion to close it.

  • @Sorex yes that is a good idea.!

    first hacker with my name and guid

    second hacker
    third hacker
    four hacker

    Each one has a different IP in EEUU.

    our server is one of the most players in plutonium. and we are strict with hackers no matter if they are our administrators they will also be punished.

    the creator of this post was for a time our senior admin. but he was caught cheating and we had to expel him. and it is obvious that he wants some kind of revenge. you can corroborate this with the co-owner of venezuela server @VZLAxSmoke.

  • @InsideG
    Im not a staff so i can't do anything about it but i think you could chat in the server owner chat and talk about this behaviour of the community to let other servers know about how some users handle truble with servers.

    Username userid 2793137 2787651 2787650 2787644 IDK

    This are the 4 accounts based on the guid you sent. I also added another possible account with a weird name. This account have almost the same creation day.

    InsideG i would like to clarifay that i never played on your servers. So i don't know anything about your community or about you but i suggest you to join the server owner chat and talk about that issue with other server owners to prevent that this happen to other servers.

    If you have any evidence of this account cheating share it.

  • @Sorex ok no problem.

  • If only there was a better system hosting a server without dealing with constant ddos attacks from certain skids in the community and from abusive server owner/admins that attacks other servers to populate their own server. For awhile, Tekno skids were trying to ddos servers in the past, but now the possibility of certain servers ddosing users that play on their own server isn't right. Keys need to be revoked and keep them off plutonium.

  • @Sorex They went on different accounts and also banned and unbanned themselves to duplicate the ban logs. I also find it confusing how they unbanned someone who was banned by the IW4MAdmin server plug-in’s anticheat not once, not twice, but three times. The fact that they’re unbanning actual cheaters who get caught by the anticheat from the server is ridiculous. I also don’t think it’s safe to have @InsideG hosting servers as he has access to people’s IPs, one of my friends was streaming and he joined his server and started doing good, and then @InsideG started trying to hit him offline. All this was caught on video. If Plutonium allows such a person with a power trip to continue using their platform, then it will truly end up worse than ever before.

  • @KrKd-AxiZ
    IP's are visiable to all servers hoster, but the server hoster can allow moderators to see ips. So a wrongfull setup of iw4m or allowing by default some things can lead also to make moderators other suspects for IP's leak (If you know its him who leaked ip please provide evidence).

    I can't know if its yours account or inside account. I can't at all but you guys @KrKd-AxiZ and @InsideG need to talk about this and provide evidence to each others.
    This discussion its not leading to anyware. I'm trying to be kind and helpful just to make you guys solve your issues.

    Feel free to do whatever you like but at this point i think its getting just a war between some users.

    Plutonium its great, it offer a good client to have fun. I like this project and i respect a lot the creator of Plutonium. Try to talk and solve your issues.

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