Where is my bo3 post

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  • 😢 😢

  • Maybe a staff member took it down. Idk why you even posted about Bo3 since plutonium doesn't support that game. If you want community feedback and support. Check steam discussions tab for bo3, or reddit, etc.

  • @DrT2002 your BO3 post was most likely deleted due to excess amount of the same topic posts that were made before.
    To summarize:

    1. NO, Plutonium dev team will NOT make BO3 client, due to possible Cease and Decease note they might get (which means that Plutonium will have to shutdown if they make a client for BO3). Also, BO3 is still supported by Activision, other games are on here because support has expired or they ain't getting any sales from them anymore.
    2. This is a side project, not a job of which you can live.
    3. BO3 still has active players and somewhat alive support. Devs could only add better anticheat and security from RCE's and that's it.

    This same applies to other games that are still supported and maintained by Activision. Some of their games are nearly impossible to crack due to their security.

  • @DrT2002 why do u need ur pointless post?

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