[IW4Admin] Automatic ban plugin for players with hacks in latest update

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  • In the last update of IW4Admin "", the developer included my request, when players report a cheater more than 4 times, it is marked, I asked that instead of marking it, implement a function that once detected a certain number of reports to a player, the Script automatically ejects it, adding the possibility to ban the player.

    How to activate the function, here.

    Hope it's helpful to owners as we wait for an anticheat for BO2

  • @Kalitos I'm not sure how I feel about this, the point of a report IMO is to get a staff member on to see if they're cheating, people spam reports on good players all the time just to try to get them out. Just my opinion, though.

  • @Rare I agree with you, but just as there are players who only report for reporting, there are those who are responsible using the reports, therefore, the plugin allows you to establish a number of reports for expulsion, in my case I work with 4, since as you say, 2 or 3 reports can be for trolling.
    And that of a staff member being alerted to observe the player, does not happen, most of the time there are no administrators on the servers.

  • @Kalitos Yea I can understand that. I saw a player with over EIGHT reports and then get banned by the anticheat. I think most players use it responsibly, and if I think about it I don't see tons of trolls spamming reports for no reason. Nice plugin. Hopefully it helps with low staff servers.

  • eh i personally wont even turn this on I have ad a few cases where I went to bed and woke up with 20 reports

  • We had it on ReactionGaming and people is basically like "Oh we not reporting you as cheating. we just vote kicking you out"

  • Yeah, it was immediately abused on our servers. I wouldn't suggest using it.

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