i cant run bo1 mods keep crashing (Bo1 Renaissance Zombies Mod)

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  • everytime when i try to open it just crashes my game and it crashes for all mods too

  • @juliano3o3 mod support for bo1 isn’t the best rn, wait for an update to fix mod support, or buy the game on steam and play it.

  • Majority of BO1 mods aren't supported for now.
    It was a pain in the pass to work on so it was abandoned for now. Might be forever, I don't know

  • So how come rekt5 was just abandoned, yet that supported mods and was seemingly a lot more stable? Bo1 has been on plutonium for quite a while now and the support for mods seems to have gotten worse, especially given the fact I have used renaissance in the past with plutonium. Idk, I would have just preferred to have bo1 on rekt5 and then the plutonium devs keep to their promise of never supporting bo1.

  • @KeeveeKoomoo it was abandon because of the release of PlutoT5. Rekt had the use of game_mod, which is a 3rd party patch to allow sp/zm mods to be loaded just like the steam version. Officially there is no sp/zm mod support for black ops 1, so our mod support for plutobo1 is still WIP. If you really want to play renaissance mod, play it on steam with game_mod or wait until our mod support is fixed. We have no ETA of when our mod support is fixed for bo1 singleplayer.

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