[MAP] Radiation from COD:OL

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  • Radiation from Call of Duty Online (originally from Black Ops 1).

    All gamemodes and killstreaks are supported.

    There's a minor issue where care packages go through the double door when it's closed, if someone knows how it could get fixed, just message me.

    Please report any other issue below or by mentioning me on Discord.

    Update 10/3/22
    Fixed the map fog, I forgot to add the good one to the map

    How to install?

    Download the map from here.
    Unzip your download into %localAppdata%\Plutonium\storage\iw5\usermaps

    radiation1.png radiation2.png radiation3.png radiation4.png radiation5.png


    • @Brentdevent for converting the map and porting/fixing the map script from BO1
  • Nice release

    To be precise, the issue with carepackages was that we didn't find how to recover dropped carepackages entities in GSC. The BO1 function we have in the script doesn't exist in MW3 but there's a chance that if someone knows this function, the rest of the function that moves carepackages accordingly would work out of the box

    I believe the same function to find dropped weapons was needed too

  • Map updated, I fixed the map fog

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