ban plutonium and server crashes

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  • hello.. a question..
    I own a server in "MP" in "t6" .. everything always worked fine .. and today that message appears in the middle of the game .. and the server crashes .. apparently this happened when a player tried to join the server ..

  • @CamouflageLvCat I think that just shows people who get banned for trying to cheat
    but idk about it crashing

  • Looks like there is a script/tool that catches Plutonium bans and prints stuff/does stuff?
    The chat message is normal and cannot be removed, it's just Plutonium letting players know a player has been banned for cheating (on any game/server I believe)

    The killfeed message on the other hand looks like a custom script/tool, I've never seen this before.
    I would say something related to this is causing the crash, if you're sure the crash is linked to someone being banned, could be a coincidence

  • @Resxt
    OK thank you ..! no, I'm not sure, but I think it's too late that at the same time that message appeared in the chat the message below also appears and the server is blocked... I think it's all related... in the same way... it's Irrelevant if you have to see the chat with the message below. that message below is for me... and I don't use any trap... will it be normal that... if for example... a server is blocked because the owner is banned...? I host the server on my computer....

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