Unfair ban and unfair reason from a server called "VENEZUELA EN BRASIL TDM".

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  • razao do ban - ta fazendo merda tchau.png
    EN-US: I just got randomly banned from the server I play the most here in Brazil. The reason says: "you're doing shit, bye." and I literally didn't do anything. As you can see it says to visit the server's website to appeal but can't find that anywhere either. Please, if someone can, help is very much appreciated. Thanks.
    PT-BR: Eu acabei de ser banido do nada do servidor que eu mais jogo aqui no Brasil. O motivo: "ta fazendo merda tchau." e eu literalmente não fiz nada. Está dizendo para visitar o site do servidor pra contestar o ban mas eu não consegui achar ele em lugar nenhum. Se conseguirem, gostaria muito de ajuda. Obrigado.

  • @punk6wrath Plutonium doesn't control server bans. Contact server admins

  • What Bubbles said.
    We're not responsible for any server ban or unban and we cannot help. Contact the server or play on another server.

    Also servers are free to ban you for any reason, it's their server.
    If you kept camping and they told you to stop for example they can perma ban you although it can seem excessive it's their choice

  • yes, I completely understand that, I was just wondering if anyone in the community knew their website or discord, and I did not get any warnings before getting banned, I wasn't camping nor doing anything toxic. I am aware that it's their server etc, was just wondering if anyone knew how to contact these guys as they are the lowest ping server in Brazil, at least near where I live.

  • @punk6wrath
    Eu também fui banido ontem sem motivo aparente, também estou procurando um administrador

  • @aleeee_ se vc conseguir alguma informação, me da um toque mano, pfvr.

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