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  • Hello friends, a few months ago we Cubans suffered the unthinkable news that they blocked us in plutonium for being Cubans, please, if any big admin reads this, help us, using vpn is not a great idea because it significantly worsens our connection It is already very bad, please help, let the Cubans enjoy plutonium like the rest of the world, with the problems of hunger and misery that we have, it is enough, at least let us enjoy this little pastime in time free

  • "they blocked us in plutonium for being Cubans"
    Where did you get this information? I never heard of Plutonium intentionally blocking an entire country

  • It's definitely not us blocking you.
    And you don't need to route the game server traffic through a VPN either, just moving all plutonium traffic through one should be enough.

  • Some people have been saying this not sure if you have seen them on the forum ive seen atleast 3

  • @Resxt
    It is that 2 months ago we entered normal plutonium and we played perfectly and from one day to the next we have to use vpn otherwise we cannot play, that's why I said it, I hope they help us

  • @Resxt Perhaps it is not a restriction to our country, the problem is that many users listen through the same ip, we do not have a public ip, if a user is banned, can he log in to the launcher? Perhaps they banned certain Cubans using hacks and those IP addresses through which we see the internet are banned. This happened in TeknoMW3, a user was banned and I couldn't connect because it said banned, I contacted the administrators and they tell me that I used hacks with a "nick" and then I used 20 more nicks, and I was checking the nicks and they were good players who didn't use hacks and some friends of mine. If you could remove the ip ban for at least two days to test if this is the problem? Of course, in case the Plutonium admins ban the IP. If this is not the case, the restriction would be for "Something unknown". Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience

  • @OXIDE_Andybrtn we won't remove bans.
    If an IP gets banned all devices connected to it are banned too and this won't change.
    If you play in your home and your brother is cheating he will get banned and you too, we won't let the other brother who didn't cheat play and potentially let the cheating brother play on his PC and we have no ways to check if there are two brothers with one being legit or if it's just one person.

    If a user with a certain is banned then this IP stays banned.

    The way this is mentioned it doesn't seem like you're talking about a Plutonium ban, it's more of your ISP/country restricting access to Plutonium, we can't do anything about it. Use a VPN/fix your DNS

  • @Resxt @OXIDE_Andybrtn

    I leave the link here of what happened 2 years ago with the problem of IP banning Cuba for not having a Public IP.

    Thanks again and I hope the problem of access to Plutonium for Cubans is solved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • @Resxt I think that it is not our ISP (Yes, because it gives us output through the same IP to several users, and not because of restriction). As you mentioned, if my brother uses cheats I will be banned too, but, the main problem is that Cuban users goes out by a single IP or too short range, a banned ip = a large number of banned users. That is the problem and no one can fix it. It only remains to wait for the new Cuba-Martinique cable. Thank you very much for the help and for answering. Have a nice day bro.

  • With the information you've provided it's impossible to determine what the "issue" is. As previously mentioned, we haven't explicitly blocked any country and the issue is most likely not on our side. Please answer the following:

    • What is the actual issue - does something not load? is there an error message?
    • What exactly is blocked (can you access the website, forum, launcher, game, any servers like before)?
    • Can you ping What IP does it resolve to?
    • Which IP do you believe to be blocked?
  • @OXIDE_Andybrtn my point is if Cubans are in the "brothers" situation where you share the same IP we can't do anything. We can't differentiate multiple devices under the same IP

  • @Eldor Knowing that with VPN it works (rarely not). I will do everything without VPN.

    • No puedo iniciar sesion (Error: An issue occured when logging in using saved credentials)
      Point Number 1.png
      Escribo mis credenciales Error: An issue occured when logging in.
      Point Number 1 (2).png
    • Yes I can access the website and forum, launcher updates, I can't login to the launcher, I can't run the game and obviously I don't see servers because I can't open the game.
    • I can ping, it resolve
      ping pluto.png
    • The IP address I'm using right now is blocked as I can't use the Launcher and beyond. According to the WhatIsMyIP Site it is:

    Thanks for answering.

  • @OXIDE_Andybrtn Can you try pinging

  • @Eldor

    • Yes, it solve the same IP.
  • @OXIDE_Andybrtn Do you get a 404 in your browser if you try The launcher should work then too 🤔

  • @Eldor

    Got Blank Page


    And launcher same error


  • @Resxt That is exactly the situation. Thanks for the help, I think we've reached this far, there's nothing left to do, we can't do anything. Thank you again.

  • I get a blank page when visiting that URL too.

    I'm certainly not the one who can help with this.
    Let's wait to see if Eldor or a dev/admin has ideas but this looks like the solutions are on your side sadly

  • Seems like something related to how our client makes its web requests, which end up getting blocked even though a browser works, very hard to say/fix without more debugging on an affected machine. I looked in our firewalls and nothing indicates that requests are getting blocked there, so must be between you and Cloudflare.

  • @Eldor It's strange, we don't have any problem with Cloudflare

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