Variable config server dicated.cfg

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  • hello, I would like to deport the result of the number of players in a txt file.

    basically rather than manually configuring the number of players directly in the 'dicated_zm.cfg' file I would like it to look like this :

    -->> party_maxplayers NomberPlayer.txt <<--

    //g_password "" // Password protected Game Server
    party_maxplayers 4 // Maximum players that are allowed in your server.

    do you have any idea how i could do it ?

  • I'm not sure you can override a CFG file with GSC.
    If it's possible then it's probably with t6-gsc-utils

    Why don't you dynamically set the party_maxplayers dvar on your server with a GSC script?

  • your idea is interesting. but I don't know how to do it your way

  • It depends on what you want to do but basically this somewhere in a GSC script should work

    SetDvar("party_maxplayers", 2);
  • I work on linux. the easiest for me would therefore have been to create a .sh file that will replace the number of players. that's why I wanted to go through a txt file. it's easier for me to change the text power inside

  • @lola0 but why do you want to change the CFG file? The CFG file is only read when you start the server.
    If you want to change the configuration for next restarts then yes simply use Linux command lines, it then has nothing to do with Plutonium.

    If you want to change the dvar while the server is running then GSC is the way and it's really easy to do, doesn't matter if you're on Linux

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