Likely hacked after leaving T6 Multiplayer main menu, thinking hacker has remote access.

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  • I came back after a break i had to take and on my screen wasn't the t6 multiplayer but the paypal main page saying the verification did not success. After checking history, it seems the hacker has/had remote access to my computer. Is this thing possible with T6 script, and how can i check if the hacker still has access to my computer?

  • @BlastkinS we're not aware of any vulnerability that would allow this in pluto t6, it would be possible on steam t6.
    If you think you have been infected log out of any accounts you are logged in on your pc. If you have any passwords stored on your pc/browser (auto login) they have most likely been compromised so change all those passwords from a different pc or your phone (and enable 2fa on important accounts if possible).
    You can download malwarebytes to scan for malware (trial is free, it's better than most other av software for this purpose).

  • This is very very unlikely since all known security issues are patched and multiple people would've reported similar issues if there was an actual vulnerability.
    I think what really happened is one of the following (most likely the third)

    • You forgot what you were doing and your last opened page was Paypal
    • You let your PC run and someone in your house used it
    • You got a malware from somewhere else (even months/years ago) and it got used for something you can see just now
  • @Resxt I can deny the first one as i do remember leaving with the game on, i am like 90% sure no one would have wanted to play a prank like this in my house especially since im younger and dont have money online and finally i cannot deny this last one but i dont remember anything fishy happening recently that may have caused access to my pc. Im just very suspicious of TLauncher as something like this never jappened to me before and the only time it happens is one of the veryyy few times i make use of the software.

  • Fuck it, put a new system.
    Media Creation Tool:
    Or download an ISO from safe site
    (you'll need minimum 8GB flash drive for either case).
    Reset your passwords from a safe device. It can be, let's say, your older brother's computer.
    Use 2FA for all of your accounts.
    Google's authenticator:
    Authy's authenticator:
    You can also download an antivirus, personally I recommend Kaspersky, but Avast can do the trick (even though I hate it for blocking false positives).
    I haven't had any problems with TLauncher, although I am aware of the videos regarding the launcher.
    Let us know if you've resolved the issue.

  • @ivaanovic_ Avast is quite untrustworthy. Malwarebytes is the better one to choose

  • Agreed. Malwarebytes is good and affordable, but if you want one that can detect better then check out HitmanPRO gets the job done and Malwarebytes still has good Real-time malware detection.

  • @ivaanovic_ yeah i did that before i saw your comment but thanks still

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