Ban Appeal

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  • A while ago I downloaded an external cheat for zombies because at the time I had no clue that there were console commands in the mode. Not only did I make the mistake of using an external cheat, I also didn't play in lan mode, which from what I've seen in a post I've read previously is a way to use cheats and not get banned for it. I'd like to appeal for my seemingly perminant/IP ban because I never went to a single custom server using these cheats, and I've only ever used them in a solo/custom game by myself. I've made a few alts because I thought it was just an error of some kind but soon I was unable to play no matter if I created a new account or not. My new account, HallowVEVO was banned the moment that I tried to log into the Plutonium Launcher, and I only recently did this digging to find out why I was banned. I don't know if this is enough to appeal for my predicament, but all I'd like to do is be able to play some T6 zombies again.

  • first ban is a 7 day temp ban after that its permanent

  • They do not overturn bans. Don't cheat, Don't get banned simple.

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