Banned for cheating in a solo game.

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  • I was trying to configure reshade, a post processing software in zombies. It was annoying to die and have to keep starting a new game, so I downloaded a cheat, so that I wouldn't die. I was doing this in a solo zombies game. I should've done it in a lan but I didn't and now I'm banned. I had no intention of using the cheat in a public game. I think I should be unbanned.

  • I understand your situation and I would've done the same, but next time try to check if and where you could get banned for using cheats.

  • So you injected a cheat into a project that prides itself with its anti cheat and you did not expect to be banned? Sorry thats a big no from me, there were enough warnings and a way to run the game without the anti cheat.

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