Plutonium IW5 Mod Release Information [What has changed]

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  • Plutonium IW5 will release on the 15th of April 2020 at 18:00 GMT +0 Check this thread after that time for a download link. VIP's and Contributors can check the VIP Support forum to play Plutonium IW5 now. We originally started with Plutonium IW5 and feel it's right to bring it back better than ever, this does not mean we will not be updating T6, that will indeed still happen, IW5 allows us to test many features that will be in the next T6 update, such as anticheat. Thanks for your patience!

    Plutonium IW5 is a Mod for Modern Warfare 3 with the goal to allow better customization and allow fans of the game to jump into games without waiting for 10 - 20 minutes for a lobby. We operate on the exact same version number (1.9.388110) as Steam MW3, as such swapping from Steam is seamless and includes all the patches that Activision originally included with IW5 including the exploit fixes. Below you will find instructions on how to get the base game and how to install the Plutonium Launcher and Mod.

    We've made the following changes to the game with more planned in the future.

    • RCE Exploit Patched - A Remote Code Execution exploit has been found in Steam MW3 by one of our developers, it was responsibly reported to Activision however no patch came, as such we've patched this in Plutonium IW5.

    • Custom Anticheat - Made by us in an attempt to keep cheating to a minimum - it's not perfect but should catch most cheaters. It uses multiple detection methods to spot cheaters, much like every other anticheat, we cannot discuss details about it as this makes it easier to bypass. Do not attempt to bypass this, or test it, or mess with it in any way, we will not reverse a ban due to stupidity. Your account is your responsibility, your brother using your account and getting banned is NOT an excuse. Once a ban is in place, it will take effect when the hacker joins a new server, as such you may still see hackers but when they get kicked they will be banned.

    • Dedicated Servers - Matches are played on dedicated servers only, matchmaking has been removed, the low player count is unable to sustain matchmaking and dedicated servers allow for Chaiscript modding. Anybody can start their own dedicated server and allow whatever rules they see fit.

    • Server Keys - Dedicated servers will require a Server Key to appear on the serverlist, anybody can obtain a Server Key - please see the IW5 Server Creation Thread for instructions. LINK TO COME AFTER 15th April 2020.

    • Launcher & Updater - We've re-written our updater and included a Launcher, the updater will now reliably and automatically update the modification and start the Plutonium Mods. The timeout for each file that is downloaded is 60 seconds, if this isn't enough there is a -timeout = X parameter that allows you to specify a longer timeout. The launcher also shows your friends. You can learn how to add friends here:

    • Authentication - The Launcher also handles authentication to Plutonium, when you first start the launcher you will be prompted for login credentials. These credentials are the same as your credentials, so be sure to register here and confirm your email address before trying to play. This authentication is used by game servers to identify you, your forum username is also your in-game name, this can be changed as often as you'd like.

    • Player Banning - The anticheat will enforce entire game bans across all servers, a cheat detection will result in a 1 permanent game ban, your forum account is not banned - so you can still discuss topics with the community however your access to games will be revoked. .
      Server owners are a key part to this community, without them we would have no servers to play on, each server can have it's own rules and restrictions and policies, if you don't agree with a servers' policies and playstyle then we suggest not playing on them and supporting another server, server owners reserve the right to ban anybody from their servers for any reason - with this in mind, due to the authentication that the Launcher provides, server bans will use your forumUID + XUID to enforce bans. In the hopefully rare case of somebody bypassing our anticheat, this will allow server owners to kick / ban that person's account from that server.

    • Status command - Status command for servers has been re-added, this should be useful for Admin scripts.

    • Say Command - Say command added so scripts can display text to the ingame chat.

    • Server log re-added - This allows kills, damage etc to be logged and used by admin scripts.

    • Find Game + Store + Main Menu buttons disabled - Find game isn't in use by Plutonium and the store button has no use for us, and we do not provide SP or CO-OP as such we disabled those buttons.

    • RCON - Dedicated Servers will be able to use RCON, meaning tools such as IW4Admin should be compatible with your Plutonium IW5 servers, much like your Plutonium T6 servers. rcon login passwordhere in the console lets you login to the rcon for the server.

    • Chaiscript Modding - Chaiscript is a scripting language that loosely resembles a mix of GSC and C++, the main difference between GSC and Chaiscript is the syntax. Dedicated servers can load Chaiscript mods to allow all for more customization and entirely new gamemodes, admin scripts can also be made in Chaiscript to allow server owners to add extra admins and other features. Unlike MW2, MW3 only accepts pre-compiled GSC scripts, it would take a lot of time and effort that we don't have available to us to use GSC, as such we decided on Chaiscript. Our future plans for custom maps and weapons would also take a lot more time if we decided to inject GSC, too much information is lost that way. Mods made for other IW5 Clients will not work, only Chaiscript. Information on how to get started with Chaiscript modding in Plutonium IW5 is located here: LINK TO COME AFTER 15th April 2020.

    • Trickshotting - Most staff are not trickshotters, we prefer to play the game with a more 'normal' playstyle. However, we understand a number of our community enjoy trickshotting - with that in mind we will be adding the ability to 'YY' in IW5. We originally had it turned on by default however it isn't compatible with the DropZone gametype, as such we've added it as a server dvar, server owners can decide if people in their server can YY by using sv_enableDoubleTaps 1 by default this is on sv_enableDoubleTaps 0.

    • Unlock All - unlockall command added, open the console using the tilde key and type unlockall and then press enter to get the max rank and max weapons rank and max prestige which some tokens. You should then go join a server and play until the game ends. Once the map rotates you can quit the match and create your custom classes. If you don't play 1 match after typing unlockall - your stats will not save. You must let the match finish, do not leave before the map swaps.

    • New Files Location - We no longer store our custom files in the game directory, this is to keep things clean and to ensure our Launcher doesn't need to be run as Administrator to update the game. Plutonium files are now stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%/Plutonium - which is a place that the current user always has access too and as such should be able to write files without permissions errors.

    • com_maxFPS - The limit for Com_MaxFPS dvar has been removed. Enjoy those frames!

    • IW4M-Admin - We've worked with @RaidMax to ensure IW4M-Admin works with Plutonium IW5, as such you should be able to easily have IW4M-Admin running on your servers. IW4M-Admin is a great admin tool for server admins to give others admin access, the link can be found here:

    • cg_drawFPS - Who doesn't like knowing what FPS they are getting? Typing cg_DrawFPS 1 into the console will show your FPS in the top corner.

    • Clan Tag Support - Typing clantag CLANNAME into the console and pressing enter will set your clan tag. 7 characters max, colour codes work.

    • Card Title Support - typing cardtitle TEXTHERE will change your CardTitle text to the text you entered.

    • sv_sayName - This can be used to change the 'console' / 'say' prefix for servers. sv_sayName AdminBot for example.

    • sv_motd - Used to show a Message Of The Day on the map loading screen. sv_motd "Welcome to Pluto" for example.

    • Branding - We added our Intro video so you know you started Plutonium.

    • Nvidia cards - Set a flag so nvidia autodetects it should use the Nvidia GPU instead of the integrated GPU.

    • / messages - Messages starting with / are hidden from the chat, meaning you can complete commands without them showing in game.

    • Offline Mode - Starting the game with the -lan parameter will cause the game to start in offline mode. Anticheat is disabled when in offline mode. To set a name open the console and type +name "YEET"
      with YEET being the name you want.

    • cg_fovScale - use this to change your FOV when aiming down sights. cg_fovScale 1.9 for example.

    Planned Features:
    The following are planned for Plutonium IW5 but we decided they should come at a later date so we can ensure the core code works.

    • Ported Weapons and Maps - They will be coming and better than ever, we were the first to port IW4 maps to IW5 in 2017 and they for sure will be returning. Our YouTube Channel shows videos of Rust and Skidrow in IW5 and the AK74u.

    • Native Controller Support - We've tasked a new developer on our staff team with looking into adding Native Controller Support for IW5, watch this space.

    • Friends - The Launcher currently shows your friends but we have plans to expand this to show what your friends are doing on Plutonium and allow you to join them or invite them.

    • TestClients - We're working to allow the testclients command which spawns dumb bots.

    • Pasting your password - We didn't have time to get this working with our Launcher, it's HTML is very limited. We aim to allow pasting of your password soon. We've all had to type our 64 character password too, we feel your pain.

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