Banned? Im new to Plutonium

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  • Im new to Plutonium and played 2 games because i haven't played Bo2 in like 2 years so after i played 2 games and then i was testing random mods and stuff in custom games i closed plutonium and reopened it and now it says im banned?

  • Assuming you're actually telling the honest truth here, this probably happened because you didn't switch to LAN mode before launching the game and proceeded to inject a mod - editing memory.

    I have no way to check logs to see if you actually did test said mods in a custom games or in a public server, as I am not a developer or admin, however it is a bit concerning that you are new to Plutonium, and decided to start testing mods only after 2 matches. Your best bet: if you plan on injecting mods furthermore, disable the anticheat and play on LAN mode by clicking the alternate button - the down arrow beside the green "PLAY" button.

    Hopefully this helps your future experiences with experimenting PRIVATELY with mods enabled.unknown.png

  • Great response @Hail, I have nothing more to add that he hasn't already said ๐Ÿ™‚

  • /moved
    Wait till your ban expires.

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