I got banned :/

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  • Hey,My name is Jozial and I got banned. I was banned for 6 days. Prior to this I had been playing BO2 for a few days and realized that I am just absolute dog shit. I had the idea to play some bots to release some steam cause of course that would be easier of course. In that time I was thinking how cool it would be to play with aim bot against the bots for some reason. Not really sure why I thought that would be fun but I just figured that would be a cool idea. I never had any intentions on playing against online players cause thats really stupid and unfair, also really unrewarding,hence why I figured it would be cool to do it against bots. So what I did was injected the hack and tried to go play some bots and what would you know? Ban. I didn't think it would make a difference if I didnt play against actual players because if I'm not mistaken,that doesnt happen in the official game. So that being said,is there any way I can have the reversed or will I just have to wait? I understand If I do because it would be just a lapse in judgement on my part but I just want to clarify I never had the intention on playing aimbot against any real players. Thanks.

  • Just further clarification, I had no idea how to play against bots at this time. I dont know if there was an extra process I had to go through and if it was necessary to play using the plutonium launcher or not. Just wanted to make that clear.

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