Updater.bat wont start nor plutonium.exe

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  • I had a server working on windows server 2019, i changed to 2016 x64, installed all updates, vcruntimes, directx runtime, and it won't work. I tried everything, from turning off AV, adding exclusions, checking the path on the batch file, firewall exclusions.

    When I start the updater.bat a black Command line window pops for 2-3 seconds and closes with no additional response.

    When I run Plutonium.exe also nothing at all happens. Any ideas?

    I installed mw3 dedicated server from steam directly.

    Yes i read the guide twice.

    edit: Worked when I enabled Framework 2.0 + 3.5 feature on server manager.


  • Locking this since you solved it.

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