banned by mistake or confusion

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  • Hello, I have a problem, I tell you that my brother was banned, he already contacted you but they always reject him, giving him more ban days, I would like to know if we can reach an agreement or talk about the matter. They say something that I use tricks or cheats in the game. literally yesterday I played with him and a cousin that neither of us has done some kind of hacking or cheating on one of their servers. It was a matter of playing and going to sleep because the next day my brother was banned, I want to apologize if there is some kind of bad writing because I do not speak English and I am using the google translator,If you do not believe us, we can pass your instagram to see that we are brothers and it is not a lie.

  • how many accounts are you going to make I keep seeing your name, but anyways wait out the ban staff dont ban people the anti cheat does so your brother must be lying when saying he did nothing wrong

    pls read this

  • @Mvrtin1l People don't get banned for no reason. Your brother is anti-cheat banned which means he cheated. He won't be unbanned. If you post one more time we will make sure you and your brother will never be unbanned again.

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