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  • Hey, recently downloaded plutonium and black ops 2 to play zombies with my friends, one night after they all got off I joined a private game by myself using god mode to have a little fun. I hadn't tried multiplayer and didn't read the forums page, so I was under the impression that this game was local, and that I wasn't connected to a server unless I joined one. After being banned, I went back and read the recently updated august 2020 rules, and realized my mistake. Obviously, I see I am in the wrong completely, however, I don't believe what I did warrants a ban if anything a warning at most. I see here that it says no unban requests will be accepted, but my friends and I planned on trying to complete the origins easter egg today, so this ban is very unfortunate. If any admin could help, or give any additional input that would be appreciated. Thanks!!

    plutonium ban.jpg

  • You injected a cheat, and got banned.

    In the future, use LAN mode and you can inject to your hearts content.

    Wait out your ban.

    Here's our anticheat policy again just for reference.


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