[Banned] Hi could you help me out with a issue

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  • Hi got banned today
    I was banned for using BO2Z Toolbox 2.2, obviously using it was my fault, didnt realise you would ban me for using it in single player. after searching around i found you guys saying that you can use it in offline mode/ lan mode , as you call it. the reason i was using isnt really important but the principal is and before you lock the forum and ignore me because its your forum and community, my name is Cyruim, after getting banned i tried using 3 different alt accounts, obviously non of these worked and all it did was increase my ban time to nearly a month, reason i kept was going try everything was due to my friend leaving the country tomorrow meaning this was the last time i would get to play with him, again this doesnt matter and using pathos is pretty much useless, main reason ik all this stuff is because i was a forum + game moderator for the biggest tf2 community and ik you dont care, im going to be waiting the 28 days ban b4 i can play again but please just add a warning so this doesnt happen again to anyone.

  • You had three warnings.

    1. On the site for said utility specifically.
    2. When logging in (while banned).
    3. In our anticheat policy we have a warning.

    Wait out your time.


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