I was banned permanently for injecting a custom dll menu.

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  • Hey, I don't know if using dll menus for custom games is okay or not but I would just like to address my situation in hopes that an admin will see this. So I was banned the first time because I gave my account to someone in hopes that they could get me a diamond ballista like his. here's the chatimage_2021-04-07_231050.png Now also keep in mind I took that right after we talked so I could have proof if he were to do anything. Now he used my account to hack with a non host so he didn't have to get warning on his account. Well I waited my time and didn't say anything cause it was my fault for being dumb. Right after I got unbanned I started to play again and that same day I watched a video explaining how to get a custom games mod menu but it was using a dll injector and dll menu. Right after I injected it I loading into custom games and it said I was banned from plutonium. I tried to log into my account and I'm banned for 822 years. If any admins can look into this it would be greatly appreciated. If I can get unbanned I will no now not to mess with dll injectors. Thanks for reading this very detailed submit. Sincerely, Very distraught Godyssey.

  • Your ban is justified, there is never a reason to inject dlls into the client.

  • As you've been banned once before, your ban is now permanent (hence the 822 years). Both bans are entirely your own responsibility, as you are solely responsible for the safety of your account, and you've willingly given somebody else access to it.

    For the future, with other platforms: Never give your password to anyone. Not a random person, not staff of the platform, not some support team, nobody.


  • https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/3449/anticheat-ban-policy

    Fully your fault AND you gave out your account details. Ban will not be lifted and you should follow the advice of the two posts above and use this as a lesson to NEVER give out your account details for any website to random people.

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