fed servers need a little change.

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  • we know that the best zombie servers in bo2 are fed's servers.
    you can withdraw and deposit money.zombie counter. useful commands and a lot of benefits but there is something need to be changed.....
    when i enter servers people always checking my money with .money john and always begging me to give them money.i gave a lot of people money.this command is really annoying i mean you must only check your money why someone else can check your balance?
    i know this is dumb but if people check your money they will begging you to give them money

  • just dont give money ๐Ÿ˜„

  • @john-F-Kennedy69
    Thats one of the reason why the most of the server do not not implement this commands, i can implement it but be able to deposit and withdraw money make the game easier and boring.
    I don't like this feature on a server, i prefer the bank fix (which is limited, you can store max 250k) then a system who make your life easier.
    These are just opinions. Fed's servers are very simple and done well. But the command is not a real problem. It's the players that shouldn't be acting like this.

    My advice is to ignore them if they are annoying. Or at the most report the players with the !report command.

  • @Sorex some times when i dont give them money they saying bad words to me like wtf its my money !money command must be only for player itself

  • Junked your other thread, please stop creating forum posts relating to specific servers as we have no control over them.

    Contact fed directly at fed#0001.

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