[Release] Hawkins Zombieland for MP servers

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  • Today I bring you a Infected gamemode for Pluto T4 some may remember back on console in the cod 4 days but here we go, Hawkins Zombieland is a infected gametype that is played ontop of TDM, It comes with custom map edits and a shop that allows you to buy things while the infected match goes on.

    I am not the original creator of this game type all Credits goto Nay1995 I dont remember who the original creator of Hawkins Zombieland but only who did it for waw.

    It has some minor issues but over time I will try to update it and fix them.



    How to install it for your own T4 modded experience.

    You might want to copy a new t4 install just for this mod then make a main_shared in your root of the new copied server files


    You want to follow up on that with a scripts folder


    Followed up by a Mp folder


    To download this mod grab it from my Drive link here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ftqwiQzSDAfVFNVe2nW36Uxq2zFCd1HA/view?usp=sharing

    Open the zip file and drag and drop the contents of it into your main_shared/scripts/mp folder that you just made as shown


    After that make sure your server gametype is set to TDM and have fun.

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