Friends can't join my server

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  • Hi everyone, this has been may already reply but i've didn't found anywhere.
    Sorry for my english.

    I've created my own server by following the guide and I am able to join my server by localhost:4977 (i'm on the same computer for playing). But my friends can't to join by the friend list (only show the message "joining a game"), by the server list (doesn't appear), or by connect <hostname>:4977 with hostname found in (same issue as the friend list).

    Do you know what should we do (I have make a constant ip and make a rules on the firewall for the port 4977).


  • Did you actually port forward? And, yes, you will have to make a rule on your firewall.

  • @Chase Sorry I don't understand your first sentence and I saw my server one time on But I only saw it one time. I have change the dedicated_zm many time by other found on github, can it be the problem? Is there something in dedicated_zm that should be write (like the server's name? )?

  • Ok you were right it was the port xd I have not search enough sorry. Thank you

  • I tried putting a password on my server but don't know how to enter it in order to join

    keep getting "Error invalid password" but I am not able to enter it anywhere?

    I have tried finding the answer but couldn't on google or the forms sorry for the bother but it would be much appreciated as I am sure I am missing a small detail somewhere.

  • password <pass here> in console before joining the server. @jamyop

    Seems like the original guy's issue was resolved, locking this thread.


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