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  • I'm making an elevator script, but I can't figure out how to make the model solid (so you dont just walk through it), i tried solid() but it doesnt work.

        var elev = gsc.spawn("script_model", start);
  • Alas, because of the Fields bug you cannot do this.

    Moreover, you make models wrong

    // Here is correct code snippet
    // but it dosn't work
    // entity.get("target") => exception
    global _airdropCollision;
    level.onNotify("prematch_done", fun(args) {
    	var entity = gsc.getEnt("care_package", "targetname");
            // ERROR
            _airdropCollision = gsc.getEnt(entity.get("target"), "targetname");
    	var solidPackage = gsc.spawn("script_model", [0,0,0]);

    On the expanses of GitHub there is an interesting source, the Chai parser for the game is implemented there, if you have a lot of free time you can implement solid models in C ++ (the addresses for calling in-game functions coincide with plutonium)

    fields and their number (this can be used to implement getfield in C++)
    "target" => 5
    "targetname" => 6

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