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  • Script that sets zombie perk limit to 9. Replaces game file without needing to edit it.

    To install:

    1. Download file
    2. Place downloaded file in the following folder: \AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t5\maps
  • This is cool but wouldn’t it just be easier and cleaner to just use the replacefunc option?

  • @Duckyhub replacefunc doesn't work on that type of function. I've already tried.

  • @Duckyhub even if that was an option i have no idea how it works anyway.

    I had been looking for a way to remove the limit (including the way it's done in BO2) with no luck. However, thanks to @dontknowletsplay, I found out that you can replace game files without editing them and that the limit on perks could be found in the vending_trigger_think() function within _zombiemode_perks.gsc. rather than a variable in some random place in the code named something along the lines of "perk_purchase_limit". tried this method of replacing game file and it worked.

  • will this work in public lobbies?

  • @MONSTERK11ER I haven't tested that. Though I think it has a chance of working.

    Would certainly depend on the server though. I am unable to test this at the moment as I am still getting the "No avaliable sessions found" error.

  • I've subtracted self.num_perks to 5 upon a player's spawn. That way whenever the player spawns they would start off with self.num_perks = -5 which according to vending_think(), the thread will revert back to the start when self.num_perks = 4; each perk you buy will add the variable to 1. With the change I propose, after buying 4 perks would total the variable to -1. So long as the variable does not equal 4, you can buy as many perks as you want.

    Apply this equation to make it easier:

    (x * -1) + 4 = Amount of perks to buy on the map

    Where (in this case) x = -5 and according to the equation, it will equal 9. The only exception is that x must equal a negative number.


    just make a custom script and add self.num_perks to a negative number in onPlayerSpawned()

    	thread onPlayerConnect();
    		level waittill ("connecting", player);
    		player thread onPlayerSpawned();
    		self waittill("spawned_player");
    		self.num_perks = -5; //Remove perk limit, must be a negative number
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