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  • hey,

    i decided to get into gsc scripting for bo2 and decided to make a "clean" menu base because i was not fond of the other sources released thus far. the source is far from perfect but i would appreciate some feedback.

    p.s. i tried to make the menu as expandable as possible.

    source: https://github.com/binkynz/bo2_menu


  • Is there nothing added in the menu besides what you shown? As in like weapons, godmode, ufo and so on. Or are you working on that too?

  • @ryh a mod menu base is the base of the mod menu, it's not a mod menu.
    It's just a pre-made menu with no features/options, it's just there to save time for others.
    It's meant to be used by developers (or script kiddos) who want to "create" their mod menu with no knowledge basically. You just change the text and throw some functions and make button A call function A with copy pasted god mode code and that's it

  • @Resxt @ryh

    yep, this is just a base. however, i will continue to update the repo as i learn more about bo2. i would rather release small updates as to not share bad code.

  • updated

    the menu is organised into client and server submenus:

    • Main Menu
    • Client Menu
    • Server Menu
      ** Zombie Menu
      ** Perk Menu
      ** Powerup Menu

    added the following features:

    • Player Game Time
    • Show Player Health
    • Show Zombie Counter
    • Fast Zombie Spawn
    • Unlimited Perks
    • Perk Powerup
    • (Time Restrained) PackAPunch Powerup

    video: https://youtu.be/xhLcDcOZ_jU

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