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  • About this mod

    Xytox Ammomatic allows players to buy ammo for weapons. This includes Pack-A-Punched weapons too. This mod was inspired by the cut perk machine from waw known by the same name. Default cost of Ammomatic machine is 2500 points! Great for servers and coop matches!


    • Ammomatic machines in all the maps (see locations below)
    • Blacklisted weapons (weapons that are not allowed to purchase ammo for)
    • Dvar customizable - able to customize the price of Ammomatic machines as well as to enable or disable it.

    Blacklisted weapons:

    • Raygun
    • Thundergun
    • Winter's Howl
    • Wunderwaffe
    • Mustang and Sally
    • V-R11
    • Scavenger
    • 31-79 JGb215
    • Wave Gun/Zap Gun Dual Wield


    Black ops 1 Maps

    • Kino Der Toten - In fire trap room, behind trap switch.
    • "Five" - Next to jugg.
    • Ascension - Against the wall near PHD.
    • Call of the Dead - Below the floor at PHD.
    • Shangri La - The area where jugg is, between 2 barriers.
    • Moon - In the room heading towards tunnel 11.

    World at War Maps

    • Nacht Der Untoten - In spawn.
    • Verruckt - In the room near speed cola.
    • Shi No Numa - next to spawn room.
    • Der Riese - In the furnace room.



    Download the latest release and extract contents to %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t5

    Default Settings

    If you want to use default settings in the console type in exec ammo_config.cfg then restart the match.


    • Soliderror for helping me with the world at war coords.
    • Much thanks to Cahz, referenced some code from Zombies++ for BO2



  • Worked perfectly, great job!

  • Your upgraded version of the cut out perk Amm-O-Matic is very good and made only with Gsc. Perhaps in the future you can use the mod tools and add in the perk machine's texture and character quotes from WaW that was cut out. The custom map Oil Rig from WaW has a nice looking version of Amm-O-Matic https://imgur.com/a/r6uAFoY, but you can use which ever texture for your Xytox Amm-O-Matic perk machine. Good Quality Mod you made there.

  • @RedxSkull Absolutely. Once we have mod support for servers, I'll be down to create a custom perk machine for this.

  • Update 1.1

    Added all wonder weapons to blacklisted weapons.

    Update 1.2

    Fixed Ammomatic trigger on Moon.

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