I got banned for 12 days, don't even know why

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  • I was playing Origins and i was about to complete the ester egg solo. Since i was playing solo and i completed and upgraded all staves i wanted to use that famous glitch that allows you to wield more than one. When i upgraded my last staff, i went to the Crazy Place and tried to pick up (i already did it before in that run) 3 empowered staves at once, since i had Mule Kick. That time though, i heard a laugh and all my 500k+ points went away, while every staff was put back from my hands or the Crazy Place to the holding in the Excavation Site. I was able to recover anyways, but after a while playing i got disconnected from the server. I was banned for 6 days apparently. So, since i didn't do anything against rules, i just made another account to simply play zombies with friend but that only made my ban grow from 6 to 12 days. Damn guys, i need a help!

  • @Sandshift did you use a trainer or other external software to help you do the EE? that's what it looks like from our end.

    -> https://plutonium.pw/docs/anticheat/#plutonium-cheat-policy


    I don't even know what a trainer is tbh

  • @Sandshift ban evasion doubled your ban lenght. do not do that.
    wait out those 12 days, and avoid doing that glitch.

  • @Sandshift my dude,just don't do glitches

  • @velja_zmai Well... I did nothing that is prompted as a cheat since I didn't use 3rd party softwares nor scripts (and I'm firmly against cheats - I wanted to try out using the staves cuz i was in solo), I just did a thing the game allowed me to do. Not more not less. Also doing that shit was a pain in the ass and I was punished by the game itself losing 500k credits and moving the staves away from me, ultimately getting kicked out of the server.

    You either fix the glitch or can't expect people to tollerate to be banned for 7 days for something they are allowed to do.

    If this is the way this community runs, I'm more than happy to say you are just a bounch of pirates who stole a product to Activision. You are stealing money and getting donations for it, and dare to kick out who paid the original game and did aboslutely nothing, just because you can.

  • @Sandshift not really, AC has caught you cheating. and by ban evasion, you doubled your ban. talk to the devs/admins, not me, as they know more than I do.

  • @velja_zmai Yeah sorry man, i was just feeling treated unfairly and eventually i let it out :C

  • @Dss0 Can you investigate about what happened? I feel like 12 days ban for an unintentional violation of not the rules, but of the AC code could be analized to avoid similar misunderstansding.

    Also guys, I'm a developer myself, and I really hate the concept behind cheating no matter the context so please understand me.

  • @Sandshift You originally had a 7 day ban for first offense and then you to tried bypass it knowing that the message says do not try to bypass the ban or I'll extend. Now you want to be unban completely like most people that are caught cheating. They will say anything to be unban especially the ones that are ban permanently. Cheaters usually never admit their fault and want to fool everyone. Good reason ban appeals don't exist anymore. Learn from your mistakes https://plutonium.pw/docs/anticheat/

  • @RedxSkull Dude I don't know what to say I've never used cheat, and while I agree cheaters usually don't admit, I'd like to be said at least where I did wrong, as long as the moderator told me i was using 3rd party softwares.

    1. I didn't use any 3rd party software, was just playing the game.
    2. I didn't know I couldn't make another account and play from that one (yes, I didn't read the cheat page but I 've never planned to cheat so...).
    3. You can't ban me without proofs. I told you excatly what happened to me and what I did, proof I'm lying then. I had people spectating me streaming and they, they withnessed that akward server kick and ban.

    All I claimed from the start is I'm not into cheating and also I didn't broke rules. I don't know what to say other than "I won't make any kind of apparently allowed glitch from now on".

  • @Dss0 Lock this topic?

  • @Sandshift injector

  • @hindercanrun what "injector" is supposed to mean man? I feel you are way overestimating my knowledge

  • @RedxSkull I'm trying to imagine how miserable is your life if you think my goal in life is to fool you. I already said i didn't know i couldn't play from another account. I already told you I don't give a fuck about you, your shitty community made of incels, or this freaking game that is a way to waste time and nothing competitive. I wouldn't give a fuck to even consider to learn how to cheat COD Zombies you degenerate fucks. And the fact you think I'm putting this effort to fool you when I'm just saying "Hey guys, I was banned cuz I grabbed 2 staves at once, looks not a rule violation, can I go back playing with my friends??!" makes this whole loss of time even more pathetic. You are nerd pricks, and you get outclassed in life because you are jerky selfish insecure idiots who prefer to hate and quit then trying to understand who's next to them. Go fuck yourself man, you and the waste of oxygen tha you call life. I'm done, idgaf anymore

  • @Sandshift Move along and cry about your problems else where then. This doesn't need to start becoming shit posting back and forth, but you need to man up and wait out your ban. This post will most likely be locked soon. Take the hint already

  • @Sandshift a external program that cheaters use.

  • @RedxSkull I don't "CRY" bitch, I'm complaining about your shit cheat detector that banned me even if i didn't break any rule. Man up doesn't mean to accept injustices to happen. There is no justice here btw, just you morons.

  • @WolflexZ smart choice, especially because of what is said above

  • @Sandshift your getting mad but okay

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