Plutonium BO2 & WaW - Linux Tutorial

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  • Is this reliable, and is the performance comparable to windows? i'd like to run it on Arch linux, especially bo2 zombies. last question... what about servers? can i run a server on linux and let my friends join in?

  • Would love to know if anyone is still rocking this with solid performance. Maybe I am doing something wrong but while I get great framerates, my mouse is stuttery and seems to change sensitivity based on the framerate rendering this unplayable. Seems to be a problem with the game because other games run perfectly fine in the same wine container I'm trying to use for T6.

    Sadly for now, this game will have to be one for the Windows VM.

  • @RatchetRussian

    I can't believe it's this simple. If anyone else stumbles upon this because they have issues with a jittery/stuttery/inconsistent mouse, all you have to do is install a tool called:


    This tool allows you to limit your FPS in Lutris under the "system options" tab.

    The problem I described in my last comment is caused by the game's internal FPS limiter. You want to always stay under 200 FPS because that is the hardcoded FPS cap in T6 servers.

    In Lutris, set your FPS Limit to something between your monitor's refresh rate and 200. My refresh rate is 170 so I set the FPS Limit to 180. If you have a monitor with a refresh rate higher than 200, you may have to make a bash script that sets it to 180 when the game is launched and then limit the fps to 190.

    In game, make sure to disable "sync all frames" and set the fps cap to "unlimited".

    Everything runs amazingly well after doing this. Indistinguishable from Windows.

  • friend can you help me how to run it I use debian 9

  • @LuZant1 To fix Sharing violation "steam_api.dll" just delete manually steam_api.dll and relaunch game

  • @RatchetRussian Im still having FPS drop issue

  • i got plutonium to run on ubuntu20.04 but i cant add a directory for bo2 mp/zm, it always just says "the selection contains a non-folder object", ive had it running before but i had to reinstall ubuntu and now i cant get it working again

  • @Nawa When using yay, it still asks you for root priviliges using sudo when you start it, since you can not modify /usr/bin or /bin without root privileges

  • @ERR9R yeah I have that exact same issue, can't select the plutonium folder.

  • @ve4k yes thats correct, but shouldnt run yay with sudo, only when installing into /usr/bin

  • @doonoo i am having this issue as well. Did you come up with a solution?

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