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  • Since I try to make Survival Mod, the first thing I started is the bots, or rather their logic of movement and attack.

    At the moment I only implemented LookLogic (not fully)

    This is just a preview, I think in the future I can give the bots full logic, but my plans are only related to Survival Mod, I do not consider other modes yet (FFA is currently working)

    Send me PM, if you have any ideas for realizing

    Watching logic
    Youtube Video

    Move logic
    Youtube Video

    Animated move
    Youtube Video


    1. Look logic (default target player with num 0)
    2. Move logic (default target player with num 0) IF BOT SEE YOU
    3. Animated movement

    [this list will be updated]

    Download only look logic

    Download move logic added

    Download movement animation added


    // This is preview version 
    // This is only the beginning of creating bots with the logic of movement and attack, 
    // but first of all I want to create Survival mode, so do not expect bots that can play in TDM, FFA, DZ and other.
    // I guess I would do it after creating this script
    // AIBots by S3VDITO
    // Ver
    // Realized: 
    // 1 - watching for player function (not works now)
    // 2 - move logic [not fully] [without check collision] (in progress...)
    // 3 - animated movement
    gsc.setDvar("testClients_doAttack", 0);
    gsc.setDvar("testClients_doCrouch", 0);
    gsc.setDvar("testClients_doMove", 0);
    gsc.setDvar("testClients_doReload", 0);
    gsc.setDvar("testClients_doWatchKillcam", 0);
    gsc.setDvarIfUninitialized("testClients_doSpeed", 4);
    global bot_speed = to_float(gsc.getDvar("testClients_doSpeed"));
    global bots_list = [];
    global player_target_list = [];
    level.onNotify("connected", fun(args) {
    	var player = args[0];
    	if(player.getGuid().find("bot") != 0)
    		print("Player connected");
    level.onNotify("prematch_done", fun(args) {
    	if(gsc.getDvar("g_gametype") == "dm") {
    		for(var entRef = 0; entRef < 18; ++entRef)
    			var tempEntBot = gsc.getEntByNum(entRef);
    			if(tempEntBot.getGuid().find("bot") == 0)
    				var animBody = gsc.spawn("script_model", tempEntBot.getOrigin());
    				animBody.LinkTo(tempEntBot, "tag_origin", [-4, 0, -1], [-4, 0, -1]);
    				setInterval(fun[tempEntBot, animBody]() { 
    					botMove(tempEntBot, gsc.getEntByNum(0), animBody); 
    				}, 50);
    				setInterval(fun[animBody]() { 
    				}, 1000);
    def botMove(bot, target, animModel)
    	var bot_weapon_origin = bot.getTagOrigin("tag_weapon_left");
    	if(LockSightTest(bot, target) == false)
    		// animModel.scriptModelPlayAnim("pb_stand_alert_pistol");
    		var angle = gsc.vectorToAngles([target.getTagOrigin("j_helmet")[0] - bot_weapon_origin[0], target.getTagOrigin("j_helmet")[1] - bot_weapon_origin[1], target.getTagOrigin("j_helmet")[2] - bot_weapon_origin[2]]);
    		// Spaming field bug =(
    		//animModel.set("angles", bot.getPlayerAngles());
    	var moveTarget = target.getOrigin();
    	var distance = gsc.distanceSquared(moveTarget, bot.getOrigin());
    	if(gsc.distance(moveTarget, bot.getOrigin()) <= 64)
    		// bot_speed = 0;
    		bot_speed = to_float(gsc.getDvar("testClients_doSpeed"));
    		var normalize = gsc.vectorNormalize([moveTarget[0] - bot.getOrigin()[0], moveTarget[1] - bot.getOrigin()[1], moveTarget[2] - bot.getOrigin()[2]]);
    		bot.setOrigin([bot.getOrigin()[0] + normalize[0] * bot_speed, bot.getOrigin()[1] + normalize[1] * bot_speed, bot.getOrigin()[2] + normalize[2] * bot_speed]);
    def HideTestClientParts(bot)
    // Stolen from _stinger.gsc :)
    def LockSightTest(self, target)
    	var eyePos = self.GetEye();
    	var passed = gsc.SightTracePassed(eyePos, target.getOrigin(), false, target);
    	if ( passed == 1)
    		return true;
    	var front = target.GetPointInBounds(1, 0, 0);
    	passed = gsc.SightTracePassed( eyePos, front, false, target );
    	if (passed == 1)
    		return true;
    	var back = target.GetPointInBounds(-1, 0, 0);
    	passed = gsc.SightTracePassed( eyePos, back, false, target );
    	if (passed == 1)
    		return true;
    	return false;
  • This is great. I know that you only want to implement this for your survival mod, but I am interested in helping you build this out fully not only for your mod but to actually add workings bots. Please let me know if your interested?

  • @S3VDITO good work!
    Take a look on spi his cod4 "mw3 survival mod" its really cool:
    Youtube Video

  • This looks good so far! We might have functioning ai to play against soon!

  • Nice job ! let us know if we can help some how !
    Waiting to hear from you soon

  • Nice Mod you got rated it 10/10

  • This looks promising, if you can get bots to have some form of "acceptable" challenge for players then I'd love to chat about the future with Pluto, I'll need to see some more progress first to ensure it's doable ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Mr-Android
    I would like to implement this, but so far I am limited due to the lack of knowledge of many ChaiScript functions, and there is also a lack of GSC function waittill, thread (this is the most necessary), endon.
    MagicBullet => crush server
    BulletTrace(not working) and other functions that can return arrays do not return them
    Set/Get field either have no result or crush the server

    While I made the primitive logic of the movement of bots, I had to hide the model of the bot itself and move the model (otherwise I could not give animations of movement) (attached video, updated post)

    Youtube Video

  • @S3VDITO Amazing it looks like you got the logic of it ! Really promising !

  • @Rosamaha That is a COD4 singleplayer mod, nothing like that is possible multiplayer.

  • Nice work, looks promising.

  • nice job man, can't wait till the final product

  • The walking animation has been added, it is primitive, but I can explain it with the limitations of the scripting language(ChaiScript), but I hope that the errors will be removed and the possibilities will be expanded.

    Post updated

    Demo video:
    Youtube Video

  • Looking better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My guy keep it going. I am so excited for this you cannot even believe.

  • @S3VDITO definitely more concrete ! Looking forward to your updates man ! Keep it up

  • Is there a way for to actually move they just stand there for me.

  • @ViTaLC0D3R
    No, in COD 4 and MW2 they use separately models to create motion animation. (mod makers hiding bots and use model for this)

    Probably C++ could emulate button presses of the movement (or using Notify, but I do not think that this is possible)...

    Something like this

  • Any new updates on these bots?

  • @VERsingthegamez
    not yet.
    I canโ€™t implement some functions for bots due to problems in Chai.

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