A request for a mw3 survival mod / improvments

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  • hi everyone ...

    im no modder or a script guy but it woild be nice if someone make a mod about this, I've been thinking about ways to improve and make the survival mode experience more fun, your thoughts are also welcome ...

    so i was thinking about these :

    1. Adding camos tab in the weapon armory like after you buy a weapon then clicking again for attachments but at the the end of the menu theres the camos tab where you put multiplayer camos, GOLD camo for example might cost 1000$ .... killin with style ๐Ÿ™‚

      2 . adding weapon suppressors for every weapon, idk theres something so satisfying with suppressed kills lol, also killin with style ๐Ÿ™‚

      3.adding multiplayer killstreaks to the air support armory ....
      imagine osprey gunner, strafing runs and juggernaut suits ....

      4.would also be nice if there was a moab to finish the game..
      it would be expensive though like 75,000$ more or less ...

    add more thoughts in the comments if you like ๐Ÿ˜‰
    would be awesome if this mod comes alive ...

  • Great idea!
    But there are some difficulties in execution - this is the lack of support for GCS scripts or the like. Waiting update...

  • @S3VDITO so is it possible ? ...
    cause i might be willing to learn scripting from scratch just to do it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • answer: yes and no

    You can download this (path in the archive: GSC MW3\zip\GSC) and see how some functions are implemented in the game(open .gsc files with any notepad).

    Of course, there are some nuances, but if you wish, you can figure it out

  • @S3VDITO honestly i just got lost there so many things ... and to learn this will take years xD ..

    Please Can you do it ?
    And if you do it how much time will it take ?
    If not idk this idea might die and also there's practicaly no mods for this classic gamemode ...

    Btw i know you have some chai script limitations u mentioned in other posts but did you look in the internet about it an found any solutions?

  • @S3VDITO have you tried going on the route of lua then or just making a dll plugin that the server it self loads

  • @Recker247 Chai restrictions cannot be circumvented
    I learned to make small scripts with COD 4, starting with Hello World in chat, then MW2, and then 4D1 released MW3 with InfinityScript

    @FragsAreUs on LUA only the menu is based at the moment, isn't it? As for DLL, I tried to make hooks on some server functions (Notify, ServerFrame and etc) in order to make scripts in C# using the mono libraries (yes, it's a bad idea, are there any alternatives?), but alas, mono initialization is not available, well, that's half the trouble , I wanted to write a server launcher afterwards so that it does hooks from the main process, but due to the lack of data on C ++ and reverse engineering in my brain, the work will not go so fast

    Moreover, I am afraid of getting banned for the incorrectly selected process in OlyDbg

    I don't know if anti-cheat is triggered to inject into the game or game console?

  • This mod is open for everyone to do please comment on the post if anyone is working on it ..
    Cause unfortunately survival mod is dying so anyhelp will be appreciated from anyone!

  • @Recker247 i once tried to make a survival mode (throw layouts, make small menu weapon shop(fail) and make bots movement(fail)), but stopped at bots and did not advance

    It is unlikely that someone else is working on it ...

  • @S3VDITO I second everything S3VITO said. There is no point on trying to make mods to Plutonium IW5 for now because of the current ChaiScript limitations. Once the developers get proper array/object returns working and the issue with entities' properties fixed, there will be a lot of potential for such mod and others.

    As of now, we've got to wait.

  • @naccib hopefully ๐Ÿ™
    But are they working on those issues or in other words are they aware of it cause they might be working on something else

  • Yes, they are aware.

    I'm not sure if they're working on this right now, but I haven't touched Plutonium IW5 for about three months so I can't tell you what's going on exactlly. @homura might be able to answer this in more detail.

    To the best of my knowledge, they very nature of ChaiScript makes solving these problems rather difficult, so the staff's current approach to solving this problem is pretty much changing the scripting language. JS and Lua have been the most suggested languages by the community.

    All in all, the problem is not trivial and so the fix is going to take a while to be fixed (hopefully) or not be fixed at all.

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