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  • Plutonium: Black ops II Mapvote

    Developed by @DoktorSAS

    Several Servers Owners require a mapvote for their quality servers. This mapvote is the ideal script considering its ease of use. In fact to use it you just have to modify some dvar in your .cfg file and you will be able to customize the mapvote according to your preferences.

    In the FAQ.txt file there are several frequently asked questions with their answers. If you have other questions to ask, ask them freely in the forum.

    Installation Guide

    There is no video tutorial on how to install mapvote, it will be done in the future.
    However, all the necessary information has been written. Reading it is enough to make the script work.

    1. Download the files from the github release
    2. Copy the file mapvote.gsc in your scripts folder (by default is %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t6\scripts\mp)
    3. Open your server config file (The .cfg file) and copy and paste the content of config.cfg
    4. Edit your maprotation and set just one map like set sv_maprotation "map mp_nuketown_2025"
    5. Start the server!




    //	Mod: Mapvote Menu			                      //
    //	Developed by DoktorSAS			                  //
    //	Version: Rebirth 1.0.0 -> 4.0.0		              //
    //	Twitter: @DoktorSAS			                      //
    set mv_enable	1 // Enable/Disable the mapvote
    set mv_maps "" // Lits of maps that can be voted on the mapvote, leave empty for all maps
    set mv_excludedmaps ""// Lis of maps you don't want to show in the mapvote
    set mv_time 1 // Time to vote
    set mv_credits 1 // Enable/Disable credits of the mod creator
    set mv_socialname "SocialName" // Name of the server social such as Discord, Twitter, Website, etc
    set mv_sentence "Thanks for playing" // Thankfull sentence
    set mv_votecolor "5" // Color of the Vote Number (Not supported yet!)
    set mv_arrowcolor "white" // RGB Color of the arrows
    set mv_selectcolor "lighgreen" // RGB Color when map get voted
    set mv_backgroundcolor "grey" // RGB Color of map background
    set mv_blur "3" // Blur effect power
    set mv_gametype "" // This dvar can be used to have multiple gametypes with different maps, with this dvar you can load gamemode
  • Report bugs in the comment of this post
    Report all problems and i'll fix it, everytime i'll fix a problem i'll change the version on the Post

  • @Sorex Thank you so so so much. Any bugs you find will be reported

  • @Sorex I found something, it is nothing serious, I already managed and ended up solving it, the problem is basically when the game does not end and none of the teams get the maximum points but there were deaths and therefore there is finalkillcam so what happens is that when the game ends, the mapvote is loaded and when the killcam also ends, there are many solutions, I solved it that when a team obtains points, the mapvote is not executed in ontimelimit

  • @Sorex And well something that maybe you already realized but that maybe is difficult to solve is that in ontimelimit the wait at the end if you put 20 or 10 it does not finish 10 or 20 seconds and the game ends, that is, when there is no killcam.

  • @alejandrodarz Although as long as there is even one death, the killcam will come out and it is almost always there will be, since as the only one there will not be, there is only 1 player

  • @alejandrodarz i'll fix this bugs, i have to make more test on all gamemode. When i can i solve all

  • @Sorex Look at how I solved the problem of when the game ends and there is no killcam, and well I also modified the mapvote a bit. I have tested it for the following TDM, GUN, SHRP, KOTH, DM, OIC, and SAS modes:

    Youtube Video

    And well here is another video of how the mapvote was modified:
    Youtube Video

  • This post is deleted!
  • @alejandrodarz i solved this bug, i made i tiny update, i did not check if there a players with kills. I did not att getkills() for team gamemodes, now all work fine. Can you leave the credits somewhere? I mean, you can keep my signature. Because i worked hard and i want the credits

  • @Sorex Of course bro you deserve it, that will be there, don't worry what I taught above is my test server

  • @alejandrodarz i added the notification before the game end, on next update i'll fix the text in mid i'll made something better then a normal text

  • @Sorex I was going to tell you about another bug but with the notification you solved it and it was that at the end after the killcam the iprint does not appear, that is, it does not appear the maps that the players vote

  • @Sorex okok if you need something of what you saw in my video without problem you can tell me, that is to say from my point of view it would not be bad to add the sounds when changing the map or when choosing the map

  • @Sorex you can put a fadein and a saclefont so that it is not so rough

  • @Sorex I had to put the precacheshader of the gradient in init () below where it was I did not want to load

  • @Sorex camera keeps moving when changing map

  • @alejandrodarz Have you start the thread to block the angles?

  • @Sorex I copied exactly the file you uploaded and it does too

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