[Release] SND & TDM Mapvote menu on end game

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  • @Sorex I mean, the voting menu is hidden when the killcam comes out.

  • @Kalitos the menu can't show after killcam, because after there scoreboard and i can't remove it, the menu show before killcam

  • @Sorex There is the problem. The killcam does not allow players to vote.

  • @Kalitos But the mapvote si before killcam, is on end game, when u see the score.
    The map dont load because is the game, i made a lot of test and dont load images after endgame

  • @Sorex This is what I mean, I hope you see it.,
    Youtube Video

  • @Kalitos there no enought time to vote okey, play with time scale on end game do setDvar("timescale", 0.5);and after the wait 10 add setTimescale("timescale", 1) .For now is the only wait to ad time i have to overwrite a methods to fix this but i did not found it, there a lot of line code and im porbaly blind xD
    Thanks for support, when i found a better system i'll tell to u

  • @Sorex said in [Release] SND & TDM Mavote menu on end game:

    setTimescale("timescale", 1)
    I was testing, and with this I managed to ensure that the voting menu is not displayed until after the final death chamber. And for now it works by changing the value of the timescale, like so:

    init(){ //Made by DoktorSAS		
    	/*------------------------------------------Dont't Tuch This Lines------------------------------------------*/
        level waittill("game_ended");      
        if([[level._getteamscore]]( "axis" ) == level.scorelimit || [[level._getteamscore]]( "allies" ) == level.scorelimit /*|| getDvar("timelimit") <= 0 /*<-- add this for TDM*/){
        	if ( isDefined( level.finalkillcam_winner ) )
        		level waittill( "final_killcam_done" );
        	wait 0.02;
        	thread OverflowFix();
       		thread updateVote();
        	foreach(player in level.players){
        		player thread selectmap();
       		setDvar("timescale", 0.5);
        	wait 20; //This is autoclose menu wiat, change it to have more or less time to vote
        	setDvar("timescale", 1);
        	foreach(player in level.players){
        			player thread closemenumapmenu();
        			player.mapvotemenu = false;
        	thread gameended();
        /*------------------------------------------Dont't Tuch This Lines------------------------------------------*/

    I added a check, if there is a final death chamber, that will wait until it develops and hence the vote runs.

    I don't define the timescale before the main condition, because at each end of the round the timescale would be executed.

  • @Kalitos According to me and what I have experienced if bot loading loads the map images are affected and only the boxes without the image come out, and in tdm the killcam dvar did not work for me so I ended up removing it and now it appears before the killcam

  • @Kalitos Sadly that code never work for me ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • @Fry it should be possible to change killcam.gsc and increase the waiting time, or you can only change the killcam method, it is possible, I should focus more on this small detail. It's not that complicated

  • @Sorex we would like to use this if you can get it working. Best of luck and thanks for the work.

  • @PeterG Made it in this days i'll realse the mapvote fixed. There problem with GSC, because not load anything after killcam, is not esay XD

  • @Sorex I am also working on the mapvote but to do something different a few days ago I published how to pause the game at the end (map_restart (false) putting it in init ()) so I couldn't get any command to rotate the voted map, so I am working on pausing the game before it is over I am already quite advanced in the script it works quite simple but at the same time it is a bit cumbersome, because what I did was that when the game stopwatch was 100 milliseconds the stopwatch was paused and then It would be time to vote on the map but this only works when the timer reaches 0 so if a team wins by obtaining the maximum points the mapvote will not jump and what I did was to do almost the same thing but with the points I mean I put the scorelimit at 76 and when a player gets 75 points c pause the game and skip the mapvote and when the voting ends add a command to give 1 point to the player who has 75 in case of dm and thus make them ac Abe the game and in case the player disconnects because there are two options to force the game to end or the remaining players to continue playing, I preferred the first one, that is, to end the game, I just need to adapt this same system for the others game modes and the script would be complete and we would remove the timescale from above and well German for me I like more to put the vote at the end of the game.

  • @alejandrodarz I made it, but work only if there finalkillcam, when there no killcam the mapvote don't start. Im working to fix everything.
    I made a lot of mods on Plutonium, i know a lot about gsc and i fixed the rcon password exploit and the invalid id exploit.
    Im working only to fix ontimelmit event

  • @Kalitos @alejandrodarz @PeterG Tonight i make a post, i can't release it for now. But i'll make a test server to see if all work, if all work fine il release it.
    I don't want release a not working code

  • @Sorex okok no problems, thank you very much for everything hope it works

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