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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies - Remix

    This mod changes many aspects of the game in hopes of improving pacing and enjoyability.

    Created by: 5and5

    Discord - YouTube - Twitch - Twitter






    How to Install

    YouTube Video

    Automatic Installer

    • Download and install BO2 Plutonium Plutonium Download
    • Download the latest version of Remix Installer
    • Double click on "BO2-Remix-Installer.bat" this will download the latest version of Remix and copy all the files into %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t6
    • Launch the game and enjoy!

    Manual Installation

    • Download and install BO2 Plutonium Plutonium Download
    • Download the latest version of Remix
    • Open "BO2-Remix.zip" and copy everything into %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t6
    • Launch the game and enjoy!

    Custom Survival Maps Installation

    • Go here for more information
    • Download Remix Custom Survival Maps
    • Open "BO2-Remix-Custom-Survival-Maps.zip" and copy everything into %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t6
    • Double click on "Plutonum.bat" to launch the game. If you launch the game using the normal launcher it will replace the menu file.

    Change Notes


    • Zombies start running at round 1
    • Walkers removed
    • Coop pause
    • Three weapon slots by default
    • Zombies health scales more linearly
    • Insta kill rounds start on round 115 on normal maps then happen every odd round after
    • Insta kill rounds start on round 75 on survival maps then happen every odd round after
    • 12 hour reset


    • Tweaked graphics
    • Tweaked vision set
    • Rotating skybox
    • Fog disabled
    • Night mode option with night_mode 1
    • Change zombies eye color with eye_color 1


    • Bank automatically full
    • Perma Perks given
    • Fridge has AN94 or War Machine depending on the map
    • Set box starting locations
    • First box
    • Round 255 round cap removed
    • In game fast ray rapid_fire 1
    • Characters can be selected with character


    • Timer
    • Round timer
    • Health bar
    • SPH - appears after round 50
    • Zombies remaining counter
    • Current zone
    • Trap timer
    • All hud can be turned on with hud_all 1
    • Hud text color can be changed with hud_color 1 1 1 "1" can be any value from 0 to 1
    • Health bar hud color can be changed with hud_color_health 1 1 1 "1" can be any value from 0 to 1


    • Starting points set to 555
    • Max points set to 500005
    • Reduced fall damage

    Power Ups

    • Drop rate increased from 3% to 4%
    • Fire sales removed
    • Max ammos refill clip as well
    • Carpenters repair shields
    • Insta kill timer stacks
    • Double points timer stacks
    • Nukes kill zombies faster
    • Perk bottles give extra perk slot
    • Effect added to the first drop of a new powerup cycle


    • Players can sprint while drinking perks
    • Perk bottles also increase players perk limit by 1
    • Mulekick increases ads, weapon switching, grenade tossing and perk drinking
    • Deadshot increases head shot damage by x2
    • Who's who wont activate when player has quick revive
    • Electric cherry wont activate when a player goes down
    • Proning in front of perks gives you 100 points

    Mystery Box

    • Weapons can be shared by knifing the box
    • Box moves instantly now
    • Box perma perk guarantees a good weapon first hit
    • First box setup guaranteed
    • Mark 2 probability increased from 33% to 50%


    • All parts are given at the start of the game
    • Increased buildable buy distance
    • Buildables can be built without looking at them


    • Explosive damage scaling increased
    • Increased wall weapon buy distance
    • Buying wall weapon ammo fills clip


    • Claymores do 1/2 of zombies max health
    • Max claymores changed from 12 per player to 10 total on the map at a time



    • Dogs are enabled by default except on Nuketown
    • Dogs rounds always happen every 4 rounds

    Bus Depot

    • Pack-A-Punch added
    • Claymores added


    • Pack-A-Punch added
    • Claymores added


    • Speed cola moved to tombstone location
    • Tombstone removed
    • Olympia wall buy replaced with an mp5
    • Claymores added

    Nuke Town

    • Pack-a-punch and jug will always land in the backyard that the box starts at
    • Set box starting location with nuked_box yellow or nuked_box green
    • Perks drop in the same order every game ( revive, jug, pap, speed cola, double tap )
    • Disabled zombies spawning in the middle while players are in either backyards
    • Limited M27



    • Denizens disabled
    • All light post portals are always active
    • Pap door is always open
    • Removed iron boards


    • Farm barn zone acts the same as it does on Farm
    • Outside of Farm zone acts the same even if you open the door


    • Bus parts are prebuilt except cattle catcher
    • Dinner hatch is prebuilt
    • Turret does not need a turbine
    • Electric trap does not need a turbine


    • Jetgun recharges faster
    • Jetgun recharges while away
    • Jetgun returns to bench when over heated

    No Power

    • Enable no power game with no_power 1
    • This disables turbine workbench and jetgun

    Die Rise


    • Leaper rounds always happen every 4 rounds
    • Perma phd flopper added


    • Limited where players can camp while in the shaft
    • Zombies no longer jump across to trample steam zone
    • Disabled ground spawner in square room


    • Elevator wait time changed from 5-20 to 7-12 seconds
    • Standing on elevators make them move quicker
    • Key is given on spawn
    • Key is given 20 seconds after used
    • Key can lock elevators in a pre set position


    • Semtex wallbuy added by b23r
    • Sliquifier kills till round 255
    • Sliquifier continues to chain while put away
    • Sliquifier no longer drops extra goo
      <!-- - Sliquifier goo removed -->

    Mob of the Dead


    • Blundergat spawns in wardens office without collecting 5 skulls
    • Set key to always spawn next to the cafeteria


    • All plane parts are given on spawn in solo only
    • Plane automatically refills
    • Zombie shield bench added inside wardens office
    • Zombie shield inside wardens has a 5 minute cooldown


    • Fan trap no longer kills players instantly
    • Sniper trap does infinite damage
    • Acid trap player damage cool down increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds


    • Opening double tap door does not cause zombies to spawn upstairs


    • Blundergat damage no longer falls off
    • Blundergat is no longer limited in the box
    • Blundergat ammo reduced by 1/3
    • Acidgat ammo reduced by 1/3
    • Tomahawk is upgraded when picked up
    • Tomahawk reduced cooldown from 5 to 4 seconds



    • Initial spawns changed to be closer to the slide
    • Vultureaid will always be the last perk given by the witches
    • Removed barricade in front of jug
    • Nerfed jug spawn zone


    • Spawned turbine workbench by candy shop
    • Subwoofer gives powerups
    • Subwoofer has increased range
    • Turbine starts dying at 17% instead of 50% power


    • Pack-a-punch camo replaced with Mob of the Dead animated camo anim_pap_camo_buried 0 to disable


    • Leroy runs 25% longer when meleed with a Bowie Knife
    • Leroy runs 50% longer when meleed with Galvaknuckles



    • Tank has instant cool down
    • Pack-a-punch is always on
    • First robot always comes over tank station
    • Reduced soul boxes zombie requirement from 30 to 15
    • Replace the 115 packed weapon reward with a Raygun Mark 2


    • All records and buildable parts are given on spawn
    • Gramophone is no longer needed


    • Teleporters activate as soon as doors leading to them are opened
    • Teleporters in the crazy place can be used without first being used from the other side

    Special Rounds

    • Panzers will come every 4 rounds on solo and coop
    • Generator zombies can come every 4 rounds
    • Generator zombies will come the same round as you turn on 4 or more generators


    • Staffs can be upgraded without doing the easter egg steps
    • Upgraded lighting does infinite damage
    • Pack-a-punch camo can be replaced with Mob of the Dead animated camo anim_pap_camo_origins 1

    Crazy Place

    • Moving walls at disabled
    • All gems are spawned

    Shovel and Helmet

    • Shovels are given on spawn
    • Golden shovels are awarded after 5 digs
    • Golden helmet chance increased from 5% to 20%

    Dig spots

    • Removed firesale, zombie blood and bonus points as possible powerups that can be dug
    • Dug powerups spawn in a cycle (4 main powerups)
    • Hidden perk bottle dig spots are visible without zombie blood
    • Hidden perk bottle dig spots respawn every round
    • Hidden perk bottles give all 9 perk slots

    Source Code


    • JezuzLizard
    • JBleezy
    • ZECxR3ap3r
    • Bandit
    • TTS
    • Naomi
    • Chase
    • DoktorSAS
    • HuthTV
  • You fucken rule man

  • @5and5 muy buena compilacion, ya lo estoy probando y todo va bien

  • dude you killed it fam! thats a lot of features how long did it take you like sheeesh!

  • is there any servers runing it right now? if so can you give me the name of the server thanks : )

  • @5and5 did you just fix like 90% of what is annoying in bo2?? simply unbelievable... thank you for this mod. You are amazing!!!

  • now this is one fucking mod

    great fucking job

  • @5and5 great release !

  • im having a bug with buried idk how to fix it but when i spawn in the game on buried it spawn me in a room and i can't buy or pick up anything and when i jump it jumps high idk why please help

  • @unknowghost press console key then type map_restart. worked for me

  • @5and5 yo any way to turn off the running zombies on round 1? 😭I’m too trash for that lol

  • @1kangel it is easy Go to Source code Just Remove this code from _zombies.gsc this file can find it in remix folder

  • @iHarrow I tried this and the game just crashes on loading screen please be specific

  • This post is deleted!
  • pls how do i use all and disable only graphic changes? im running without a gpu for now so it lags with visual changes. help

  • This post is deleted!
  • @5and5 can say me how to can i use only the current zone display?

  • I'm getting "Unresolved external : "create_dvar" with 2 parameters in "_hud" at lines 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1"

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

  • This post is deleted!
  • @iHarrow How do I compile the code after I edit something? Is it one of the tools in the githud download? NM I found out. Anyone who's wondering how, go to https://plutonium.pw/docs/modding/loading-mods/ and use the compiler.

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