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  • Making this mod 1:1 with the original MW3 survival mode would be very time consuming. At least he is covering the core mechanics of the mode and adding in which ever is possible. I've seen a similar coop MW3 survival mod, but it's for Iw4x. Check out the source code if I'll help out with your mod or get ideas from it.

    Youtube Video

  • @RedxSkull I'll look at this for things, but this mod is for the single player of iw4x. Making a multiplayer mod much more different sense I'm working AI that wasnt even added to multiplayer in the first place so I have to use a very modded version of Plutos iw5 bot warfare, and even then I'm working with a player limit, so there can only be 8 bots out at a time, however the way I have made my wave system, the 8 player limit isn't really noticeable.

  • @Memeking254 I completely forget to mention suscide bombers actually, thanks for bringing that up. I will be trying to implement the different types of enemies, although they might not make it to first beta release, they will be added. Also, the weapons the bots carry will reflect how normal survival does it (the animations may not be same in beta either but I'll be posting those as well as well as their models), as of right now they only use the model shotgun, as I need to add a class csv file to my mod, then edit the bots to be able to use them. The Armory stations will hopefully have the locked level system, me and another developer that has been helping me a little had a talk about this we think it is definitely possible, and so it will be added. This mod will keep 1 to 1 as best as possible to normal survival, and as you asked about the support squad, they will be added, but ONLY for when the servers are set to 4 players, or if the 8 player servers are below 6 players, as I have to work with the 8 player limit here per team. The riot squad will be the same. As for the riot juggernauts I believe I can add them, just with a little more work, but they as well should be added.

  • Here is a video of the Alpha of what was done so far, idk how well the video shows everything as I have not been able to make my own yet, but that will come soon.
    Youtube Video

  • @Soliderror Thanks! for that Alpha being Gameplay of the mod you're in a pretty damn good spot. Great Work

    im sure alot has changed since this was uploaded and no this doesn't really show off anything besides the weapons menu and the Kill Streaks working

    Clearly there are some things missing that can at the moment atleast fill the void for the big things that not in at the moment

    again more things that could be added ( things that could already be in since Im going off this gameplay) and no the I have no idea how much or how little this stuff could take to add so sorry if its seeming like im pushing for these things

    • The survival announcer (kinda to fill the void for the big things missing atm)

    • hopefully the streaks thing has been fixed since MOAB's even being obtainable is kinda insane (a welcome addition of that red fog isn't part of it) and looking at this thread it didn't work properly at the time ~ a month ago not exactly sure how fixing that would work but disabling kill streaks and only making them purchasable

    • the AI (mentioned above) needs some improvement would make it a hell of a lot harder (this kinda goes hand and hand with the difficulty of the maps)

    • the HUD (also mentioned above) Not sure if removing the Killfeed is possible or the player tag that appears at the bottom middle of the screen and adding the points pop up (all future stuff since as mentioned above its been worked on very little) along with the challenges for the Wave dae67c15-6325-4599-be8e-61a04a780d7c-image.png Other then that stuff im sure you're well aware of for the future of this mod again thank you for the time and the reply. Id love to play this give more feedback all that jazz

  • @Soliderror The survival mod for iw4x actually supports up to 4 players. I've tried it out already with others in the past. The only downside of that mod is that it used pezbots, because bot warfare wasn't available at the time for iw4x, so the AI isn't that great. All the scripts and assets for that mod like all the original survival announcer audio files are stored in IWD which can be opened and extracted with winrar or any compressing tool. Besides that, the Alpha for your mod is looking real good. Keep up the good work

  • I have a script to prevent players from obtaining the M.O.A.B and other scripts to remove certain/all M.O.A.B effects if you need it



  • @Memeking254 All those things I have looked into already. All is is possible and I was going to either remove the MOAD or Fix it to to end the wave (but make it a buyable not a kill streak, not too sure on that tho) all other things are possible other then I believe the bots join the game and being kicked from the game showing, I tried to find the strings for this to reply them but didn't find them. The kill cards that come up will be removed as that's possible. The challenges will also be added, the ai gets harder as waves progress as well, and soon will be match to maps as well.

  • @RedxSkull Okay I'll look into that a bit more then thanks

  • @Resxt I knew you had these, and I was going to add them later on, but I was figuring out what I wanted to with the MOAD still, I think I'ma just remove it tho sense it wasn't in normal survival, Im probably going to remove the cod4 weapons as well (I didn't add them sloth did, not my idea) but I want this mod to be as close as possible to survival, I am even remaking my zonetool so it can have full menu support so I can use base menus from game, and I have that working, so the menus I have now might be replaced with a slightly modded version of the original.

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