Bot Warfare Waypoints for Custom Maps?

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  • Before I set out to create a set of waypoints for the custom maps in the pinned thread, I figured I'd ask if a repository of them exists somewhere? I've tried to search for them, and on some of the older maps such as Afghan and Scrapyard, tried to import waypoints from IW4X's Bot Warfare, but if they load at all, the bot paths are glitchy.

    If none exist, I will (very slowly) set about making them, and will update as they are completed.

  • A repository idk but I have some that I got from MW2 and COD 4
    They go in the folder scripts\mp of the file z_svr_bots.iwd found in %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\iw5\

  • @Resxt I figured out what I was messing up before seeing your post here, which was that the waypoints need to be added to the iwd file in the AppData folder. Once I put the CoD4x/IW4X waypoints into the maps, they all worked wonderfully.

    This left just Raid, Radiation, and Nuke Arena from CoD: OL that lacked waypoints as well as Pool Party. I’m not interested in playing Nuke Arena or Pool Party, but did manage to finish waypoints for Raid and Radiation. Raid took me six hours over two days since my first attempt at placing waypoints involved using nearly 600 of them due to the many curved structures on the map—using this many waypoints causes the save function in Bot Warfare to take so long to complete that IW5 will terminate it thinking it contains an infinite loop. The waypoints were only partially saved and I had to do the entire map over again… thankfully Radiation only took me 45 minutes.

    I’ll upload the waypoints for these tomorrow evening, and you can add them to your iwd. If you know how to get in contact with INeedBots I can send them his way as well if interested.

  • 600 waypoints? Most custom maps only need about 400 or less. Even for complex maps. Just remember, you don't need to make a waypoint for each step you take. I've played those custom maps before and shouldn't need that many waypoints

  • @Tifosi-92 on his Github it says
    "Create a pull request to have your waypoints included in the mod if you like,"

  • I don't have a GitHub account and don't want to create one, so I'll try attaching them as files with an .iwd extension here if anyone wants to use them (change the .iwd to .gsc upon downloading and they should work).

    If you're reading this thread and don't know how to add custom waypoints (I had trouble figuring this out myself), a few things:

    • In order to get custom maps to work, you need to put them in the "usermaps" folder located in "[your user name]/AppData/Local/Plutonium/storage/iw5/usermaps" or something similar (you’ll need to view hidden folders to get here).
    • Once your custom maps are in there, you'll need to install Bot Warfare (follow the instructions); this will put a file called "z_svr_bots.iwd" or similar in the "storage/iw5" folder listed above.
    • Open the z_svr_bots.iwd file using 7Zip or an equivalent archive editor and navigate through the archive until you find a folder a containing a bunch of map names (I think it's in "scripts" somewhere)
    • Create a new folder here, inside the archive, with the file name of your custom map (for these waypoint sets, it will be either "mp_raid" or "mp_radiation_sh")
    • Move the .gsc files (for these downloads, make sure you change them from .iwd to .gsc) into their corresponding directories in z_svr_bots.iwd; Bot Warfare will now load these waypoints when the map is loaded. Waypoints MUST be saved in here or else they will not work.
    • If you’re making waypoints on your own, do not open/edit/save .gsc files from inside z_svr_bots.iwd using 7Zip, or the engine will not read them correctly

    Load the game and play!

    The .gsc files for the waypoints are attached:

  • @Tifosi-92 Thanks bro 😉

  • OK, so in playing some of the CoD4 maps, noticed the waypoints from CoD4X don't work in Killhouse, so I made some new waypoints for Killhouse (the bots may have an issue getting stuck in the corners; I tried to fix this but haven't tested it yet). I also tried to fix an issue with the bots getting stuck in the courtyard in Raid on my last waypoint set.

    wps_mp_raid.iwd wps_mp_killhouse.iwd

  • @Tifosi-92 The waypoints on CoD4 won't work for Killhouse on Pluto because it uses the CoD Online version which I would assume has different coordinates

  • Guys,
    I have a folder with waypoints that work for custom maps.

  • @Tifosi-92 do you have Summit done ?

  • @Resxt HI
    can you edit game mod sabotage ? or mw1 game mod sabotage port to mw3 ??

  • @esiii no I can't and don't have time for this

  • @Resxt So who can I get help from? I really need

    The problem with this mod is the number of rounds in mw3

    Is it possible to port the mod? thanks

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